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  1. Warlord - SE Recharge

    Hmm its level 15, i think you are right
  2. Since the last update i cannot recharge my warlords MP with my SE. It keeps saying that 0 MP has been restored. Has anyone else experienced this? The two characters have 3 level difference so i don't think that is the issue.
  3. NCSOFT vs Adenas

    50% Drops, not adena
  4. about adena rate

    I don't think that was their intention, but with the current drop rate/amount i don't think we can avoid that. If the mobs don't even drop enough adena for you to buy the consumables you used during a farm/xp session then how are people supposed to farm? And please don't tell me sell mats or items or what ever....you barely get any of those.
  5. about adena rate

    So are there any areas that drop more adena with less XP/SP? Currently the adena drop rate in not enought to even cover the basic needs -SS/Healing Potions etc. They made the change to get rid of the bots i guess but what is the poing of playing if you can't even farm enought adena for basic consumables?