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  1. juji you said patch notes august 6 and we got 7 when will be released ???
  2. mixa are u even play inside or u are just forum guy who blablabla?
  3. this is very important devs must read this. you have made packet movement delay 250ms on olympiad we cant even move imagine some classes the match depends on few second u cant even move the char and also do rotation of the character when u stop move. impossible to win vs classes which hunt you right now skills and movement when u press the button starting after 250ms sometimes 500ms and also about geodata you stuck on obstracles very easy this is serious
  4. gladiator is the worst class ever in classic (personal experience)
  5. hello all our clan created 28/5/2019 and its lvl 4 our goal is to make it lvl 5 as soon as possible also for now we got xp passive 10% supply box lvl 4 we got many active members, we kick inactive players after a week of inactivity if you are interesting to join pm or mail Impunity or Reagan
  6. people always complain about everything they never feel satisfied because they are not loving even themselves, im happy that event came back even with no sp
  7. the door is there leave but dont tell what other people should do...
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