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  1. I want to ask what happend with attendance rewards (attendance coind and others), because it was a good way to keep people active and to have shots not spending adena or money. Thanks a lot if someone can answer me. MZKL
  2. I just want to know if there will be a Real Classic Server in the future, stable in time. THNKX MZKL
  3. after reading, i am very Sad. This classic server change into a "Live server" like its a collosal error. I want to ask if there will be reimbursements of money and time spent in the past (thinking to ask my lawyer, just to boder a little NCSoft). However, i call to every player to quit playing, so the GMs can see how wrong this is. The idea to have an official Clasic server, its the idea of stability in time, that u can trust there will be not changes like this in time, and ... sorprised !!! .... few people selling in towns, class transfer quests disapeared, adena isues, etc.... i started 2 ne
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