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  1. 11 hours ago, Juji said:

    We ran into a technical issue during our testing of the compensation distribution for Prestige Pack and Destiny Pack players who purchased prior to the 4/20 maintenance notice. The compensation will need to be inserted after the maintenance next week.

    Apologies for the inconvenience! 

    What about the people who purchased the Adventure pack?

  2. On 2019-12-14 at 9:50 PM, Draecke said:

    @danti don't troll ppl.. everyone knows the server delay/lag went up due to the x-mas trees etc event and went extreme after Juji "fixed" the raid boss respawn


    the issue lies with the actual game server and not the ISP connection, everyone has the same problem and I see the same behavior on my pc that's connected normally as well on the gaming pc that uses direct vpn tunnel to the game server so yeah absolutely not ISP related

    @Juji fix your game man, just not ok that players can kill 2 groups of mobs on stronghold timed zone and then has to wait for the dead mobs to fade before they finally respawn.. people actually spend NCoins for those passes and then I'm not even talking about those that uses boost items that are very expensive as well..

    this must be one of the few games were players actually pay more for worse services!!

    pardon my harsh words but the server situation is beyond acceptable and even with a so called 50% XP boost ppl actually make less XP atm cause of that.

    Well said, It's very obvious that this isn't caused by any routing issues.

    I think the people that blame the issue on ISP/routing are either not playing melee dds (affected mostly), or they only macro 24/7 and never notice the hit lag. 

    When you actually play a dagger, tyrr, or evis it is terrible. The hit rate varies between 0.1-0.9x the normal rate. At times it is totally unplayable.

  3. Finally back to 3 clients per PC! This is the same limit we have had for years. It is the same limit as in Korea. And it is perfectly fine.

    L2 is an MMO, not a single player game. We don't need more macro bots on the server, we need live people that play the game. Disband auto macro or limit it to 2-3 hours a day and it would be perfect. People would be able to find parties again. Millenials, kids, and other ppl with no attention span can go play fortnite or something.

  4. LOL so in order to keep all the macro bots running you do this sht NCSOFT? Must keep unlimited clients and auto macro at all cost!? And decreased number of mobs in areas? SERIOUSLY???

    I have a friend who runs 7 partys with 49 toons and he's laughing his ass off, because all you do is make life difficult for live players. The macroers stay logged in 24/7 and arent affected at all.

    Seriously, just disable auto macro and put 3 clients per PC permantly. The game is supposed to be a PC MMO not Lineage mobile. Stop catering to solo players and bots. They can play L2 Revolution all they want.

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  5.  With the new update it's currently many times more profitable to solo than to group. The XP in party areas like SOS/Elven doesn't come close to the XP per hour you get soloing in Tanor or Alligator island. And that's not even accounting for the fact that you can solo macro bot 24/7.

    There's no point in making parties anymore and you can't find DDs that are willing. Support classes are left to beg for duo groups.

    Is this really working as intended? Are we all supposed to solo macro up to 110? That won't work for tanks, healers and isses.

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  6. Would be nice with an offical answer. With the new update it's currently many times more profitable to solo than to group. The XP in party areas like SOS/Elven doesn't come close to the XP you get macro soloing in Tanor or Alligator island.

    There's no point in making parties anymore. Is this really working as intended? Are we all supposed to macro bot up to 110?

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  7. Did anyone figure out how the rewards work? It seems to use korean logic :S


    1st run: 18 waves and 1 death in 24 minutes.  Merkios killed in 80s. Reward 60 marks.

    2nd run: 19 waves and 0 death in 21 minutes. Merkios killed in 50s. Reward 40 marks.


    So the reward doesn't seem be based on waves completed, boss kill speed, nor number of deaths. What else could it be?

    I know an ISS that succeded getting 60 marks at the same time I got 40 and it took her almost an hour. 

    Is it completely random?


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