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  1. Hello Looking for active / social players to join our community . Party formations , Daily live activities( from 20:00+EET ) including : raids /most instances /pve/pvp . We use discord and teamspeak . Requirements : friendly , social , Mentally strong Pm or leave a note here for more informations !
  2. There are plenty of reasons why our servers are like they are now , and I might be shortsighted on this , but my opinion is : The thing is our classic ( NA version ) has different L2Store items , variety is different etc (and offcourse more expensive KR shop) some with different stats and skills , Stable enchants etc THAN the real classic in Korea , where you are considered crap without a +10 set/jewels and +14 ++ weapon . Current content was a massacre for meele players , especialy casuals . Farming with a meele cp is inneficient , a death or two a day might even leave you wi
  3. Will we be getting GM buffs for this ?
  4. I used 2h blunt + othels , the crits were nice
  5. I think there were discussions pre-start , and post grand opening that it does not affect spoil rates.
  6. still looking , dworf is crying because he has low adena and needs parts and shit
  7. Hey boy , looking to get some money ? hit me up , and we can spoil shit together
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