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  1. Because no-one is buying D Grade gear and SSD, BSSD anymore. In some situations a good overenchanted D grade weapon and armor are better than higher grade equipment. Using SSB and SSA is expensive. So making D Grade useful again will liven the dying economy in the game. I think that the Grade Penalty should be brought back but have a milder affect than it did so that if you are level 38 and using higher grade gear that there is a progressive slowing down of attack rate and speed. I think a D Grader should be able to wear C Grade gear with a subtle penalty, but seeing a D Grader using B or A sh
  2. They don't have to be level 76. There is a resident at Cruma tower who has several chaotic characters. Their lower level PK chars are hit and running, exploiting the fact you can transport mid combat and in chaotic mode (PK). It's bugged.
  3. I tried to do what you say but the L2Store Newbie pack is limited to one per account. I received the previous Newbie pack that didn't have the armor. So I thought I could atleast get the armor by doing the quest at level 25. This should be brought back into the game please.
  4. I received the old Newbie package from the NCSoft Store (Classic Giran) I got some Soulshots and weapons NG. I am now level 25 looking for a D grade armor. I then found out from a friend that new characters 20+ get armor and weapons. In anycase the Moon Knight armor quest was removed but some people have characters like mine that are low level that cant get armor or weapons. Is there a quest for D Grade armor and weapon coming soon?
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