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  1. Aloha followers of giran, This is your oportunity to join a real and active clan, with a stronger alliance. Active exp partys! Raid Bosses! Instances & clan arenas! Pvp partys! Dosnt matter what level you are, we have academy for help you, we are just looking for friendly and active people, who want to enjoy this amazing game with us, if you are bored to play alone, feel free to contact us, we will inform you! Message Rikhey or Luichi in game, see you! Luichi //
  2. Nosotros estamos en Giran, donde hay una gran comunidad hispana, mayormente de españa, si te apetece jugar un rato allí con nosotros, whispeame a Luichi Un saludo!
  3. Wrong server man, being from portugal you should play in Giran.
  4. Solved! You cant put EUROPE, only is impossible to switch games if you put NA...
  5. Aloha, no idea if this is the correct board where to write this, if not any admin can move it. Just wanted to know if someone else got the same problem, because is really annoying. Trying to download the game ( lineage 2 classic ) in another computer ( nothing to update the old launcher ) for new players, who want to start the game, is impossible to play Lineage 2, when I download the new Launcher 2 from the official web, this directly run in my computer for install Blade & Soul. Someone from the team support told me there is an option where you can select what game you want
  6. Aloha, mensajeame esta noche si puedes a Luichi ingame, por cierto supongo que estas hablando del server Giran no? Un saludo.
  7. Nosotros estamos en Giran, al ser españoles elegimos ese servidor por ser europeo. Cualquier player que.necesite clan allí de habla hispana que me diga algo, gracias
  8. Hola Sonike, mensajeame a Luichi in game Un saludo!
  9. Hola! Mensajeame in game a Luichi, Un saludo!
  10. Aloha, I'm looking for an active clan, started some days ago but leveling hard, main SE, will be good if can find a CP to farm or a clan with a decent community, nothing about 80% players afk... Have experience in the game since I'm playing from Interlude and come from server Naia. Message me here or in game and let me know if there exist a clan with a good community, thanks in advance. PD: I'm looking for server Giran. Luichi //
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