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  1. Hello, I will not quote the answers from the tickets I received fighting to be able to play on Windows 11. I will only say one thing, You should work on communication between the support team and administrators or developers. People from the support team realized after a few tickets that I was using W11(I wrote it in very first ticket) and said that it is not supported and cannot help. They wasted my and their time asking about dxdiag, about HjT log etc. Then I check the forum post after last Wednesday and get a message that it has been fixed. BR, Virael.
  2. Yes, but it exists and is practically finished. It is to be released at the end of this year. Don't you think it's a good time to get acquainted with it and make the game run on this system as well, instead of doing it after people update their system to 11 and have a problem?
  3. For sure It's about Windows 11 because I have the same problem and when I tried to run the game on Windows 10 with almost the same or even more apps installed game runs fine. 1002 and 620 code.
  4. It's worse than any illegal server I've ever played. It looks like you loaded wrong db backup or just removed xp that was given from event boosts. Terrible.
  5. Fix past issues than spend your time to implement next ones.
  6. Any compensation for lag issues for that days and that unscheduled maintenances?
  7. I guess it's work name for launcher bc of many games able to play via it. As you can see below...
  8. You could just give full not decreasing gauge bar for all chars until u get fix, seems to be easier, and kind a compensation.
  9. The Lucien's Blessed Bracelet Enchant Scroll has a 100% chance success rate up to +10. ?
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