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  1. Strike

    Yeah ... THEY are scary from strike, so THEY quickly announce maintenance to cover our unity. THEY are everywhere, even in L2 omg ... what will be next, I'm sure that next day THEY will find some chemical weapons in my warehouse ... uh ... whats somebody knocking on my doors ... oh please nooooooooooooo .... ... and Maviska gone
  2. Strike

    All dear players, due to situation on Classic servers I propose GO ON STRIKE, everybody who agree NOT LOG IN TO THE GAME at Wednesday 22. May 2019 from 5 a.m (PDT/7 a.m., CDT/8 a.m. EDT/14:00 GMT+2) for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to show responsible people our stance Society for better drop and spoil and all classic staff
  3. NCSOFT vs Adenas

    Bless the god that we can use in game function /Adena => Adena drop *1 , /Adena2 => Adena drop *2 and finally /Adenaraining => Adena drop *10. Yesterday in CT and EG it works very well, I try all options and it is absolutely satisfying ... Normal drop rate without in game function Adena = 0, so /Adena 0*1=0; /Adena2 0*2=0 and /Adenaraining 0*10=0, so after killing thousands mobs I got 0 adena so it WORKS :-) I'm glad to be a part of this modern mmorpgdrainyourpocketformoney server <3 <3 <3 Move on and drop dawn exp to enjoy this game longer and longer and longer :-D :-D :-D Btw ... mobs are passive "yippee ki yay ... " :-p
  4. WTB Katana dualsword

    WTB katana dualsword (PM/EMAIL ingame nick Soum)