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  1. Sorry but I missed it and I have to ask. Do the weekdays bonus 50% and weekend bonus 100% is working just on live servers or also here in classic?
  2. Vip 6 and 7 are very expensive, you guys should give something more, like vip 6 pvp dmg 10 % plus has increase chance over enchanting p2w events +20% , vip 7 pvp dmg 15% plus has increase chance over enchanting p2w events +50%
  3. items database

    Well l2 wiki Always helped me out, just keep using it but bear in mind our drop rate is at last -50% and our spoil even worse, around -70% plus always get just 1 piece each time of whatever you are looking for. (Ex. 1 iron ore from mob lvl 15 same goes for mob lvl 80)
  4. Bot Party Everywhere

    This is an accusation without proof or reason, and I'm gonna tell you why: This game has been shifted from f2p hard-core ultra low drop rate to a simple p2w because that was the way NCsoft found to get the money out of the RTM hands into their hands. I remember the first week, they used to sell 10k adenas for 4 dollars......nowdays they are offering 1kk adenas for 40 cents lol. The reason is quite simple, those who stood and have money to spend will prefer spend it into L2 store (where the real power is) than buying adenas to have ordinary gear that you can farm into the game even being F2p player (Just read StanxFZ repply in the thread: Free player in classic), of course all will depends on how many accounts will you get open to farm in this L2 classic Farmland simulator. I wont get surprise if I see next updates with more areas like RoA, maybe up to B grade, so people will have more option to keep farming 24/7 ( I mean, macroing or boting since "ain't nobody got time for that" ) thus keeping the server "alive" as it has been since the update: liberating macro / ignoring bots.
  5. Don't forget to add the fact we have the worse drop rate ever plus screwed spoil Finally you guys are getting what is going on here. Nop, we are not L2 M however we are following it's path. So, don't get surprise if you see the whole world turned out like RoA, that would fit well to this new game mode.
  6. TOI with no agro

    Who cares to kill mobs when you have macros to do this job? thanks our fantastic drop rates I dont mind to play farmland simulator, he is just asking for mobs to stand still like our crops around RoA
  7. No Mobs

    very well stated, this issue must be addressed !
  8. Is the gludio server dead or I'm just low lvl

    Hello dude. From where did you get this information?
  9. Adena Talismans / Hats

    Wow bad luck I think, a friend of mine spend just 20 USD and got 2 talisman +4. (tried +5 over one but it failed)
  10. New Server?

    Talking island and giran won't die anytime soon; they are following same way of live server ("dying" since 2012). I dont think NCsoft will bring any new classic server, however, I've heard rumors about 4game could bring it here in Brazil, not F2P; that would be nice since Real isnt a strong currency, the subscription model could be cheaper than Euro is. Well, on top of that Lineage 2 M has been released already, multiplataform....I belive NCsoft/4Game will keep looking how it goes before decide to open another classic server. Good day, take it easy and have a fun!
  11. Considering L2 classic turned out a farmland ville simulator, we could get this changing into next upgrades, since it will maximise macro's efficiency and give to player multiples spots to avoid get "rickrolled" by red Ponies.
  12. Siple solution for this could be by changing npc's stores like it was on high five. You could buy up to top C from stores and low B/A from luxury shop. after all changes that have been made on classic, I think this onw wouldn' hurt at all. New players could keeping farming adena from RoA until have enough to buy c grade from stores.
  13. spellbooks +amuletts

    Well I have a pt leveling in SoS right now, I have found many books and even 2 necklace grade C, but for that I had left my pt running macro for 20 days,(12-18hour per day). As Ingwas said, drop/spoil rates are horrible here, so give it time (much time) and you will find your book.
  14. Classic's Current Situation

    I have to agree with Sansung. We have our dear classic on road for long, and look what happened with Skelth, hard-core, month subscription and yet ended up a dead server, filled with RTM whom hunt new player to prevent them farm thus trying to force them to buy adena. Like a cancer those guys keep killing any low rate server, official or illegal. NCsoft for sure was aware of this situation, yes they could work on a bot and RMT control but they didn't, dunno if they could care or if the effort just would be worthless, since few people are willing to pay for subs every month. Do we have pay to win stuff now? Lineage 2 aways had a P2W sistem, but before the money went to RTM hands, NCsoft just find a way to change that..... "oooh but before we could farm...." Really?, maybe 15 years ago, but now RTM wont let you farm unless you pay them. I understand some players are good ones, who deserved a more clean and classic game, who want play the game for fun and not to make money, who would support NCsoft with a subscription....but I dont know if the number is high enought for them to open a new real classic server again.
  15. Why can PK use GK?

    Mixa is right about that. Try save your adena creating a cleric up to lvl30, get her to your spot to give ress to your Pt. IF NCsoft keep remaking new areas as they did with Ruins of Agony you will have plenty spots to farm with macros running smooth Anyway, the combine of Summon plus mount plus instantaneous teleport / BSOE is a pain in ass
  16. The way easyer for equip me

    L2 store => event => put your mouse cursor over it and you will see what is inside.
  17. I think it's time

    I couldn't say it better myself
  18. After kamael update yes it is. Just bear in mind you need set 3-4 accounts farming around low lvl spots (20-40), from where you will get adenas for your shots and gear (quite easy up to mid C grade).
  19. Merge servers Giran

    Haha no way they merging the most population servers (running between normal - heavy) with euro/murica time. Maybe Aden with gludio next year, who knows.
  20. Crystals

    I tried to check up the price of the crystals at npc shop but looks like he didn't buy it anymore, therefore, the only use for it now is for crafting or selling to players?
  21. account restriction

    Well I don't know what happened, but everything looks like fine now
  22. Does account restrictions is back? Since this morning I cannot log in more than 3 accounts.
  23. Yay I liked this new update, thanks for the preview @Hime
  24. quite simple solution dude: This server you can open many box as you wish, so you can create at last 3 new accounts, then create 3 summons and go farm with them until lvl 40. then create new 3 summons and again up until lvl 40 (summons dont need better weapons since they kill with their pets) keep it up until you have farmed enough for your D or C grade weapon, or whenever you need adena.