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  1. So in classic, are soulshots craftable or not ? I've searched everywhere on the internet for current info but I only find conflicting info. So I spent 6 hours killing Lizardmen lieutenants trying to farm a recipe with no luck. Some sites say what mobs drop them and where while another says soulshots are no longer craftable. Yet some of the ingrediants are still for sale in the grocery stores. Please will someone give me a straight answer. Thanks in advance. Bladeswell
  2. Update : She is an Elven Scout lvl 20, not yet a Silver Ranger. Sorry, but still need to know when she will get a bow...? Bladeswell
  3. Hello Everyone Just started a new archer on the classic server. She has been upgrading her bow skills only in preparation for her first bow. She is now a Silver Ranger but still has no bow. What's up with that ? Will she gain a bow from some quest ever or has she just wasted all those skill points ? Is she forced to buy one ? The cheapest I've seen from weapons merchants are far out of reach for her. Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks,, Bladeswell
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