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  1. I forgot a important one: # Be pontual and respect everybody time. If you know you can't participant in something, let the CP knows as soon as possible. Don't wait to last minute to say: Sorry, I can't do dailles Today, etc
  2. I have the impression you didn't read or remember anything about the orginal post. Just came full of hate The lessons didn't mention anything about free items, that was added later, I guess from some haters. Like I said he was a so good CP leader that the items became a secondary thing. This doesn't seem to come from someone with good logic or connection to reality: "When someone has to defend or promote someone's game play, it shows flaws." I jut listed lesson I think would be good improvement for any clan, CP or party. Feel free to express your disagreements but throwing some
  3. A CP member from Greece called his ISP and got the problem fixed.
  4. Yes, multiple times. And CP members could not participate because he wanted the prizes to go to random players And right after the events people were critizing him on world chat saying that the was giving good items to noobs, etc.
  5. He gave a lot free items. Just that I saw: +10 heavy set, bow +21 and Dragon Bow and to myself: Greater Diamond Lv.1, Greater Emerald Lv.2, Greater Pearl Lv2, Dragon Rind Shirt +3, Ruler Belt, Queen Navari Mask +5. So, yes he gave a lot of valious items for free. And in that time he didn't know me well. It was at my first weeks in CP.
  6. That is kind of true but there are some exceptions. That why I didn't mention anything about items on my list of lessons. The free items, even been impressive, are far from the most impressive about his leadership.
  7. Yes, exactly my impression. He would take all supports for 2 hours at TOI everyday. We would make around 1 to 2 Billions adenas. Just a little example about how people can be greedy and didn't follow his example. Once he droppped around 900B on the floor just to share with the CP. It was right after a siege and I had to switch my char to a secondary PC so I could edit the siege videos on my main PC. He didn't pay attention that I wasn't in party when he droppped the adena. Can you believe that not a single one of the CP members, had the idea or intention to share some with me. It was arou
  8. Not saying that is your case but about "depends on whom you ask": Haters will always hate He was doing some events for all players in the server (except CP members) given adena (up to 50B) and items and people were still critizing him.
  9. Yes he is very generous. But the lessons weren't focused on that because even receiving a lot of good items the most important was his leadership. The downside was the attaction of greedy players just trying to gear up. Of course anyone would love free items but I don't think that is better than a good CP and leadership. In his case the items were just a plus.
  10. Hehehe. No, I am not Monsherrie. I was on his CP and that how I learned the lessons As I know he changed CPs, Clan, sides because been upset with people behaviour and greedy and to find fun playing the game. But I can't answer on that.
  11. I think those lessons may help every player, party, CP and Clan. #1 Help your supports. A good party for PVE and PVP need well geared supports as well. Of course the DD requires more gear because of the weapons, DYES, etc. But give the supports some love. Most of the CPs use the support when necessary: dailles, bosses, AFK exp but forgot them for timed zones and adena farm(Crisis, PI, TOI, Refinary, etc). So usually whem the overnight exp is done, each DD go solo farm exp/adena and the support just have to stay idle or try to find something else. Most supports try to invest some ad
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