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  1. L2 Store

    Hi, Something is wrong with the L2 Store. Every time I try to click on Purchase, nothing happens and I am unable to buy that item. Please fix this NCSoft!
  2. Orfen level 118

    Hi does anyone have any snapshots of what Raid Boss Orfen looks like at level 118? Because I am really curious if her appearance changed now that she is level 118. Thanks! Kim
  3. Exalted Quest For Glory Bugged

    Hello when I try to talk to the Mysterious Butler to collect the quest reward for doing the Exalted Quest For Glory nothing comes up in the text box as it is completely blank. Please fix this as it seems to be bugged NCSoft. Thanks! Kim
  4. Lineage 2 Salvation

    Hi my name is Kim and recently I heard about Lineage 2 Salvation server. How do we access the Salvation server from the main menu after we log in? I haven't seen it there so was curious. Thanks for any and all help and answers!