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  1. Ninja Nerf???

    - why -800% from spoil?? why so nerf?
  2. The Spoil Rate highly reduced

    spoil rate is rediculus
  3. The Spoil Rate highly reduced

    0 spoil at all now extremely nerf at spoil. .. so delete this class
  4. i was told in another thread also this update was the most fail update from all. They just put all solo areas and they nerfed everything.. why someone form party? for what reason? to take what? more exp or more drops? the answer is nothing at all
  5. This is a huge nerf

    spoil is 80% minus at all areas.. i not see the reason to buy prestige pack anymore. All areas nerfed we take 20m adena and items per day
  6. it's the worst update ever, you put only solo areas without drops and you nerfed all other areas... really you want loose all ppl? are you blind? noone like this gameplay.
  7. random client disconnect

    many times i got also dc today... you must fix the server do something...
  8. today they started mails promotion also. Maybe is time GMs to do something?
  9. New Way BOT ADENA Sellers

    is not new way but last months they stopped to auto pm players cuz need to be lvl 85.. ncsoft did't ban bots for long time ago and they appear again and again
  10. agree 100% add GF place also in list.. i see in this place arround 20 parties to run for months
  11. prestige pack price

    maybe they must increace for example 400% the amount of adena cuz of last nerf or the cubic must give stones with better chance or add more items
  12. Destiny pack

    i believe you need to separate destiny pack i mean the runes exp and drop rate 200 for 30days.Just put alone the rune exp 200% for 30days and alone the drop rate rune 200% for 30days. Destiny pack cost now 2400 ncoins but if you separate this pack you can make price 1200 ncoins for exp rune and 1200 ncoins for drop rate rune and remove also sp rune from this pack is useless anymore or you can keep destiny like it is now and put also separately runes exp and drop rate for 1200 ncoins.
  13. Max Clan Fail ppl

    nice try to hide your main
  14. QWER is NOT solution you make biggest problem... come on guys put out qwer or you will find empty servers soon
  15. Known Issue: Server Latency

    i agree also with this .... they must do something also with cursed weapons is extremely bad system this now