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  1. As I though... I was looking for them too but as iNext says - they are not in game lol. So we have to ask @Juji or @Hime - when they will be added to our version of game? Ah and same thing is with augment stone for Exalted weapons - it does not exist in game
  2. Nope, not Exalted Weapon Upgrade Stone which is used to upgrade your weapon from quest lvl. I mean Exalted Spirit Stone which can be used to AUGMENT that weapon as description of that weapon lvl 2 says " PvE Damage +10%, Max HP +15%, Atk. Spd. +15%, Critical Damage for standard attacks +5%, Critical Rate for standard attacks +100. Cannot be enchanted, crystallized, appearance modified, or imbued with attributes. Can be augmented with Exalted Spirit Stone, also Special Soul Crystal can be used."
  3. Enhanced Exalted Weapon can be augmented by Exalted Spirit Stone as the description says. Where to get that stone?
  4. I got 2xGeneral - one Churing which is useless for me and second one an Ari - could be better but I'll leave him for a while since my SP got burned for these 2 But I don't get the thing - why they have HP, Patk, Pdef, Crit rate? They are not even visible like pets so they are not attacking?
  5. Well, furries got their partial fursuits (looks almost like them) now if any of them play L2 (I know one atm: me :D). But atm I prefer Barbarian Wolf
  6. Um... My Prestige Pack renew is exactly at 12th each month ... I still didn't got any info about payment on my bank account as I should have and I got a 1-day pack of Prestige Rune, cube and Eva rune in my WH O.o. Account management says that I don't have any subscription in L2 and I didn't cancelled anything. I hope it will be fixed soon and is connected with this errors ppls get?
  7. My codes from prestige pack was redeemed in monday, but I applied them yesterday since my prestige rune and cube dissapeared yesterday. Sadly I got same items as previous and that stupid fame scroll again Seems I need to wait until next codes redeem for soul bottle packs and 3 bears I think cause those from monday was old and not updated yet
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