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  1. Truffle, you must have a very rich (in cash or adena, either one) clan. Yidao, thanks for the link. I've always suspected that odds do not change during events. That would be truly evil.
  2. Thanks for the link, Yidao, but all Fragola is saying is that they can predict the output of items based on the odds and the number of items input (in other words, the number of chances to get the items). This is common sense, and in no way suggests that the odds change as the event goes on or that there is an actual limit to the items obtained.
  3. Those are good suggestions, but another way is to splurge for $5 of ncoins. For $5 you get 400 ncoins. You can buy 10,000 each of S, A, B and C blessed spiritshots for one single ncoin. You can buy another 30-day R-grade set for 80 ncoins. Have fun in the game.
  4. It's good to see the big vitality pack is back. Do you have any plans for bringing back the sale of the 30-day 200% exp/sp/drop rate runes? That was a great sale pack.
  5. Give Truffle credit for being an astute businessman and for creating the strongest character in the game. He definitely doesn't need the augments. And farming $30 billion in game is nothing to Truffle. The rest of us? Not quite so easy.
  6. You may be right. I could have sworn I saw both in augmentation, but perhaps I'm mistaken.
  7. Thanks for responding. But there is a magic crit rate and a magic skills crit rate. Presumably, they work on two different things. I assume the magic skills crit works like the physical skills crit. But what does the normal magic crit work on since there are no normal magic hits comparable to the normal physical hits that the physical crit works on?
  8. It's a pointless question. If there is anything hidden, the GMs are not about to admit it. I just want to know how in the world one enchants a weapon to +36. Impressive feat, however it was done.
  9. Just guessing here, but I'll bet nearly all of the people who want to merge all three servers have already developed their characters to high levels and just want more pvp. The pve leveling areas would be an unholy mess, even worse than they are now.
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