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  1. Hi. I used to always go for one handed and shield back when i was playing too. That was done in order to get the castimg speed SA that only one-handed weapons had. Now in this server SA are not weapon specific and any SA goes on any weapon. With the large number of items u can get here u can max out casting speed anyway. It has become a nuker server. U want to have as much m atk as possible so 2H staffs are the best option now. The shield wouldnt block that much anyway and ita only a cosmetic item for mages now. Go for top 2H staff for that m atk basically
  2. Yes its easy. Just needs to be done the right way. A dagger is not meant to be a good solo PvE char. This server promotes multiboxing. You want to play a dagger? Good, just make sure u have also a character to xp u. Dont expect a dagger to do much even in a nerfed LoA. Unfortunately this is the server we have. Need to have a multitude of boxes and chars especially if u wanna main classes not suited for PvE nukers 84+ with top gear can farm there. Its just extremely expensive and impossible to do unless they are powerleveling people to cover costs. It took me a whole week of dying everyday until i can manage to figure out how to farm in there. Its not easy, not meant to be. But with the right level and gear u can do it. At 85 lvl elemental zone xp doesnt cut it. I found it very easy to level in elemental zones up to 84. Then took me probably 3-4 months to reach 85. I dont see a problem in that. You would want those lvls to be done in few days by all? I dont...
  3. Also to add to it, u realoze that in loa i can go from 80 to 85 in two weeks time ? That sounds normal to u? Theres a reason the zone is so hard.... too much xp reward. This is not normal l2 and shouldnt be accessible to everyone to do this. Be patient and level up as intended.
  4. I domt know what server u have been playing, but u can easy and quick level up to 83 in elemental zones, and 84 also with a bit more patience. I grinded my ass of in fog up to 85. 84 to 85 takes some time, bit up to 84, its quick and actually got really cheap too at 84 since i didnt even need to use shots anymore. Theres ways to make adena in this server to sustain ur farming. Yes i farm in loa. As soon as i turned 85 i had to manage farming there as theres no other way to progress at this lvl. All the way up to 84 u can easily level up in fog. Xp does not moce at 85 if ur still in elemental zones, but goes up pretty good in the high lvl zones loke loa. I dont understand why u wanna bring 82+ in here and half the server. More than half the mobs in here are still too hard for 85s and will be the next stage. 80-83 have very little difference in xp needed to level. And level 84 is only 3,3 times more xp thsn level 83. I had jo oroblrm grinding for months to get here and u guys want this to be handed to u in a silver platter. Maybe l2 classic isnt for u...
  5. Guys u shouldnt want everything easy. Those whales u mentioned grinded theur asses off to reach the levels nescesary to farm LoA/DV. Elemental zones are good for leveling up to 84. At 84 - 85 depending on gear, try loa. Its the best xp in the game. With gemstone and top a grade drops. Its not meant to be easy. You are either gonna be 84+ with super gear to solo there, or with decent gear in a party. You shouldnt be able to farm loa before 84 easy in this server the way its setup. Stick to elemental zones and level up, make the most of this event get dolls, enchant ur armors and weapons, and then try LoA. I hope they dont nerf LoA even more. Its the only place really for 85+ to lvl up but definitely not the only place for <84. Adena drops were pretty good during the last adena boost event and i hope to see some permanent increase in the servers adena rate. Or at least the high lvl zones in order to make them meaningful.
  6. @Juji Hi, can u tell us when the Aden Mini-Game event ends? In the News section it says it ends on May 27, but in-game startup message says it ends on May 13. Thank you
  7. Auto hunt Systems doesnr work

    Press ctrl+t and cycle through the options to select Monster
  8. VIP Bonus Question

    I actually remember reading that VIP drop boost is calculated as the average beetween the party.
  9. Delevel issue

    In case you dont get the skill back, know that u can also buy those spellbooks from the spellbook trader if im not mistaken.
  10. Dances

    He means Disable the Optimize Performance option. If it is diasbled and still happens just put a /delay 1 between some dances.
  11. Wizard Class Change

    If ur lvl19 i assume u lvl up the old way? And didnt do the quests? You do the first quest at gremlins, u do the second quest somewhere outside starting village for lvl15, then onr more quest that ends with u at captain bathis in gludio and u will be 20 lvl. This process takes 10-20mins..
  12. Account Creation Failed

    I had that issue too. I waited 24hrs. I enabled java. I used a different browser. I filled in the form by typing slow. And it worked for me
  13. Get stucked at CONVICTION QUEST

    Not sure what quest ur doing. All u need to do to change classes is: Speak with High Priest Orven. Hunt 700 mobs in Silent Valley or Devils Isle Speak with Orven again. Thats it
  14. Clients closing on their own

    The exact same thing happened to me 1-2 days ago. Only onve, only on one client. No dc, no error. Just client appears to have closed on its own.
  15. Auto-hunt on dual box

    U can buff the basic buffs and recharge at same time. U dont need most buffs if it compromises ur recharge.