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  1. it was even under the Event section of Dimensional Merchant
  2. client limit is 10, not 3. Also, the way to do this is to log those 7 clients, and login a different char on each client. Then when ur ready u just restart on all of them and no pin is required. Not sayin theres no botting, just saying u can achieve similqr result otherwise
  3. No you canmot craft them anymore. Im sure u can see theres no grades anymore. Only one grade exists, and u can buy from grocery store
  4. These restrictions are not a problem. If ur in such desperate need to talk to someone u can just invite em in party and no problem. U can chat. Also, gettin to lvl 29 you shouldnt need to party up. You can do that very easy and quick.
  5. @Ximi86 You keep asking for help but when people point out suggestions and advice u call them stupid. Listen, u might think u know Lineage 2, but this is not ur typical server. I can guarantee u will quit the game if u stay with one spoiler and one buffer. You will not progress. Good luck and if ur truly interested in help, ask again and accept the answers.
  6. @Juji I dont know if this was intended, but i hope it wasnt. You can now declare war on a clan. They will never know it. It does not show up on their clan system window, and they cannot accept/cancel. As a result now anyone can just declare war and do aggro skills and flag an entire afk party to kill them. Make up your minds in NCsoft pls. You either promote afk gameplay or u dont. You cant promote afk gameplay and then do something like this that contradicts it directly. This change is already abused in the game
  7. @Najka i dont wanna make u quit the game. But when xp event ends we will have some fun U couldnt handle 81lvl pk char... When exp event ends, 84lvl incoming And this is not because u try to take rooms or anything. This is purely because when i was talkin to u like a normal person tryin to give u advice on what to do in game, u turn around and tell me "I will **** ur mother" So yea, fun times coming soon boii I cant wait!!
  8. yea so according to that table : 80-81 =111bil 81-82 = 129bil 82-83 = 174bil 83- 84 = 218bil they are very similar That ttable is not 100% accurate but its useful as a guide
  9. no its not. 80-84 is very similar xp table. i went 76-85 in elemental zones I dont think u have any better option at htese levels Just keep in mind theres low level and high level mobs in these zones. after 80 aim for the higher ones
  10. Elemental zones are - Forge of Gods - Wind Plateuau - Garden Of Eva - Wall of Argos
  11. When i first started it took me 10 months to get to 84. Be patient, this is not a quick progression game, at first. After a while when u have good gear, all buffs and xp boosts u can get 80-84 in a matter of days. Best xp spots that u can do are the elemental Zones. No adena there, but easy mobs with good xp. Top xp spots are TOI/LOA but they will be too hard for u now. U have 2 options. 1) Be patient and stay in elemental zones for few months. 2) Farm adena and exchange for powerlvl from ppl that farm LOA/TOI
  12. - Consider nerfing the summoners attack spells a little bit. They have spirit sharing that applies to both mage and pet, their pets are super strong and they also have a strong nuke. Add to that transfer pain and its very unbalanced. - Probably need some more magic defense/resistance items to balance out melee vs mage as now mages still have huge advantage over melee. - Consider making some mobs, not all, not aggro/social in LoA as some people seem to enjoy just going around getting people killed for no reason by luring a number of mobs on them. - Debuffs almost never land. This
  13. @Juji Has the Gemstone A drop in LoA been reduced? It seems to be extremely reduced compared to before. Went from dropping 1-2 per hour to dropping 1-2 over a whole night. Any chance u can tell us which mobs in LoA drop elixir powders? Is it all of them? What are the rates? Thank you.
  14. @HarryV Chill dude. Nutcase posted something to help and u misunderstood it. Dont drag this on lol its embarassing. I had no issue finding the settings he posted or undersranding what he said. Not everyone needs a beginners illustrated step-by-step guide to windows. Im sure others could also get confused, but they dont try to look down on someone who tried to help em (and fail themselves doin it lol)
  15. well its not really worth crafting NG - B grade. However, if u have an adena farm party in an area with a lot of B grade drops (devotions etc..) then u could easily craft a lot of things. Basically, its only worth crafting B & A grade if u yourself are gettin the drops. Not much of a market for em right now. And u can easily get hundreds of mats and key mats for B + A grade eventually. You just need to be at the right areas farming. just forget about D + C grade craft. NCsoft killed that of. A lot of mobs that were droppiin key parts are now wiped out.
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