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  1. How to Increase MP Recovery Rate?

    - Talisman bracelet lv 4 or 5 from NPC Pona. Gives u 7-15% mp regen. Costs around 40kk to buy at lvl 4 or u can try ur luck and makr it by combining cheaper lvl 2s or 3s. - A +6 c or d grade robe set. This is by far the best increase u can get. - A Seraphim Pony buff which ES gets at 77lvl + - Or u can combine 2 parts of B grade sets that give 5% mp regen and have a total of 10% (ie bw robe + helmet with doom boots + gloves ). - Clan skill passive Thats all i can think of right now.
  2. Damage window

    Go to chat options. Disable all system messages for general chat leaving only chat displayed there. Then drag one of the other chat windows (trade/ally/etc) above and u now have something like the old sysyem window
  3. This function was essential to ensure our party stays in one spot. It can still b done but we have to waste a character doin nothing, not even buff/heal... just stay there and target. Its a shame as this is a step back from the previous macro system
  4. 2nd chat window

    As far as i know its been removed
  5. So no macro?

    Thx for the update!! I also wanna know about any updates regarding WoDy's mention of the Doomcryer/Dominator issue with elemental attribute dmg
  6. So no macro?

    /assist, /target and /delay were essential to any from of legal afk play ...
  7. So no macro?

    @Juji I know u usually dont respond to most posts.. But please forward these issues up. This is i think the biggest hit this server will take.
  8. So no macro?

    You did the worst thing u could do. You had 3 options here. 1) improve current macro system to use buffs/dances/songs as toggle on bar. 2) Remove afk auto hunt all together and return to active play 3) Leave minimal useless auto hunt functionality and this way allowing ONLY users to farm and not be a visible as they would be with option 2. You went with option 3! In my opinion this is the worst thing u have done so far in this game. Please guys if u agree post in forums lets be a strong voice.
  9. Anyone know if theres any way aside from Antharas to obtain this ? @Juji
  10. Auto Hunt with Manners On

    Yes manner mode doesnt work in party mode yet because they still havent fixed it so party members dont count. If u go with manner mode solo it works fine, but it doesnt seoarate party members from any other player yet
  11. Hey guys that table seemed correct for me. I think ur reading it wrong if u agree with @Karesz When it says: Lvl 80 | xp before level 22bil It means to go from 79 to 80 is 22 bil. Then its 111 bil to go from 80-81. I have been using this table to calculate my progress a lot and its been accurate so far. Never tested if its exactly the same but i do get the percentage i expect daily Also after 80 u lose less than 4% when u die and since vip gives u death penalty reduction its not a good way to calculate it. Just check from Ranking-detailed info xp u made per day and see %. Mine was more or less 10% a day at 80lvl for around 10bil xp daily which seem correct
  12. Graphical issue since update

    @DjThunder Thats very weird. I never had that issue there nor has any of my clanmates. Does it happen to u everytime ? Did u submit a support ticket ?
  13. A-gemstones

    Hi. Unfortunately at this point in the server they are very expensive becuase its very hard to drop them. They drop in Devotion/Disciples Necropolis, TOI, LoA, DV and IT. In necropolis u will get pked most of the time and the rest u need 80+ goos parties to go farm. They are also given in some events.
  14. Agathion's Soul

    You were not looking at the wiki for Classic. Dont know where they drop for classic (if they drop at all)
  15. Problem Create Accounts

    Lol so they said to you: "If you are unable to unlock yourself from creating an account, then u wont be able to create an account". Really ?