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  1. Proof of Blood

    No PoB in cruma anymore ?
  2. SOP and SPOIL

    Hey. Spoil gets better at 65+. Not much spoil at lower lvls As for sop check l2 wiki classic . Doubt any spoils for sop at ur lvl tho
  3. Bots - serious topic

    Yor are even doing them a favour by deleveling them... Honestly dont think you can win the fight against bots in RoA. Would love to see NCsort do something about all these bots but i doubt it. They seem to be promoting it for some reason...
  4. Adena earning

    I think servers are just over a year old. Most S grades u see are from last event giving away s garde weapon packs. This is not the normal lineage 2 you know. If ur not willing to afk macro it would be very hard to earn adena here unfortunately
  5. Have u resolved the issue? If so, what was the problem ?
  6. Attribute Damage is not allpied

    Just noticed it on my OL as well... @Juji Any info pls?
  7. Fix this if unintended please. If mixa is right, well fair enough... if not, its annoying
  8. So, make use of the noob skills as well. Energy bolt or blaze. 2-4 Energy bolts (depending on ur lvl ) do as much dmg as a death spike for less mp. Now.. The only way u can afk farm is with CDL as they said above. Yes, loop macro farm. U need to find a balance in the macro between cdl and btm. If u have vampiric rage buff its easier. Otherwis make use of corpse life drain and vampiric touch (noob skill). Also lower the point whic ur hp potions trigger to below btm HP cost. This gets easier and safer to do at higher lvls with upgraded btm skill. As for death spike, its unfair on other mage classes to make it free. It has the highest m atk added to it out of the other 3 classes. Also lowest mp cost. Adding summon cursed bones would b nice! So dude, it will take a lot of tweaking and a few deaths untik u perfect this. Also ur macros qould need tweaking when u change locations or upgrade skills. Pm me here if u need any advise as this subject is huge due to the many variables at play. Aim to make a macro that would keep ur necros HP at 10-40% most of the time. Good luck.
  9. Adena earning

    Only quick way at early levels is to put 1 or more 20 lvl characters in Ruins of Agony with afk macros..

    Ahhh that would be great I second that!
  11. If u want gimme ur ingame name and i can show u a perfect spot for AoE in fom
  12. Id try TOI 1st with a good party around 55. As for solo or small party i can only think of FoM in areas where matriarchs are abundant is good for u. A lot of mobs around, all aggresive. Easy tk make trains NCSoft needs to add more xp zones for these levels... its pretty much dry until 65+
  13. Auto target bugs & suggestions

    Fully agree with everything u said Also after the last update it seems theres a small delay when macro loops and starts from the begiing again. Causing a small delay to killing mobs

    What do u mean ?
  15. Imo: Mages farm very fast in here compared to fighters. Especially sph. U would need box buffers. Ponies are OP in here atm though. With Magnus at 77 u dont even need good gear. Has crazy stats. For pvp id say ponies/necro/archers. Necro can be bit annoying and expensive to lvl up tho. Kamael can do good afk farming due to high stats. What do u mean best class. For pvp/pve or balance of both?