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  1. Fortune seaker autohunt is bugged.

    Unfortunately only work around around this is to have 2 spoilers, one spoiling and one sweeping Because NCsoft seems to want to extinguish the dwarf race from existence in this game!
  2. Clan Skills not working

    Hello. I just raised our clan skill to lvl 2 clan mdef which supposedly gives 2% extra mdef. My m def has remained exactly the same no change is applied. Is this a bug? or do these skills apply after server rr on wednesdays?
  3. talisman lvl information

    we need this now too!!!
  4. Your stats sound about right. I had around 3k m atk at 76-78 with a bit better gear than you. Water pendant gives great increase in m atk & crit. Mobs at fog upper are hard until your reach 80+ You cannot compare 83lvl to 76 lvl theres a big difference. Also weapon isnt everything. If i equip mystic staff (low d grade) on my mage i have 3k m atk full buff. Weapon isnt everything... Stay in fog lower until 80. Get water pendant. Talisman of Insolence. AQ 1/2. Capricorn/Aquarius Agathion. Talisman of Fate. etc etc...
  5. PK situation

    Originally the game was not intended for afk type of play. Now with all the problems with the current pk system and the fact that the server promotes afk play it creates a huge problem. PKers on BOTH sides make sure neither side can afk farm. Also kill randoms that have nothing to do with their pk war from time to time. The occasional pk is not a problem. Systematic pking is the problem and adding this to all the other problems the server is facing, you are killing the server even more. Since it doesnt seem possible to make both sides of this pk war see reason, maybe NCsoft can implement and high lvl PK protection buff that can last for few hrs so people can start farming outside again. Im referring to GIRAN server. I dont know the situation in other servers. It is really causing a lot of ppl to just give up since therrs no way to progress in the game anymore for them. Thoughts?
  6. Server Fix !

    I hope after months of reporting all these issues they might finally take notice now that it seems like an organized effort by a lot of us. No more NCoin purchases until we have a change
  7. Adena drop in Attribute Zones?

    @nutcase Droppin 5k a mob is a bad idea. Inflation will destroy the economy even more. But dropping at least enough to cover ur costs is fine. And give more high lvl zones that can drop better adena even at leas xp pwr mob. There are ways to farm millions a day in this game with one well aet up party, but unfortunately the areas where this is possible are extremely limited so it cannot work for all. I have never met anyone who buys ss from l2 store. Ever... This game would have so much more population if u could cover ur basic daily costs from normal farming. As thia gamr was always meant to be. And people would still spend crazy amounts of money anw to get good items.
  8. Weapon augments not working

    I had the same issue... The chance is extremely low, unlikely you will see it in 20mins. When im on macro farming, i see those skills activate at most once a day. Chance skills are not worth itnin here.
  9. urgent doubt

  10. Merging or transfer

    Fully agree. We need 80+ content and farm zones. Quick. More adena drops to cover at least ss.
  11. Skillpoints SP

    I remember the event Biggest fail ever. /target Fioti :ppp I was around 50-60 lvl at the time in all my chars, and luckily i decided to only use some of the xp scrolls and only climb up 10 lvls, as im a mage and no SP would have me unable to farm. My friends went from 55 to 75 in that event. They quit the game shortly after There were so many 75s with 55 lvl skills lol. Yea i remember that excuse.. SP would be too much... lol ! Those devs have never played this game.
  12. Skillpoints SP

    Those scrolls are best saved for much later in game. Not much u can do about it besides be patient and level up. SP will continue to be an issue until lvl 80. After that u dont worry abt SP again. Any time i lvl up a char i only upgrade the very basic skills needed for farming. Max 3-4 skills per level nothing else until u can afford the SP. Try to save those scrolls for the future.

    Cdl, btm and vampiric touch, not claw. I set my hp pots to activate around 4% for safety. Depending on situation, vampiric rage might be better thsn using vamp touch, sometimes its better to use vamp touch instead of vr. If u make a macro to assist someone its very safe. To not assist u might need to die a few times until u figure out the correct macro

    Hi. My main char is a necro, and yes, its very annoying we do not have the summon cursed bone skill we used to have. However out of all mage classes, its the strongest magic attack skill of its kjnd and uses the least mp. Its hard to lvl necro up but once hes high level with some decent gear u can safely farm with cdl. Only use death spike for pvp or high lvl zones active farming now. #bringbacksummoncursedbones

    Unfortunately this was intended with last update
  16. The server has seen a lot of players quit recently. For a number of reasons. But the way the server is setup now it doensnt allow new players to stay in game and very few of them survive past a month in game and they quit. You HAVE to help players cover their ss costs. This is not a long term viable server if it continues like this. Yes u can buy items from store and sell for adena, but if every player in game does that, there simply wont be enough adena for all. Since the few adena zones u left in game are exclusively farmed by bots with scripted pk protection the only choice you leave people is to buy from adena sellers. Please make it so we can cover our ss costs, and im certain if u do that more people will be happy to buy l2store items.
  17. Hello, Although PKs havent affected me personally in game, since i keep a low profile and dont bother anyone, however i have seen many ppl i know quit for this reason. How can u create an afk hunting system & gameplay and not fix the PK system a bit? Simple fixes should do it: - Make Magnus and other pets targettable when using Target-to-Taunt - Remove the ability for a PK char to come back and take revenge on you - Remove the teleport option for PK chars!! they can use /unstuck, normal soe, or at least use teleport with 5-10seconds delay! - When on mount u should not be able to use pets!
  18. Early progression

    U will find it very hard without having ur own supports. Especially with gladi. Best class to farm and level up without dual boxing is the pony summoner. As much as u wanna do f2p only, unfortunately its near impossible if u cant login many clients. Those high grade starter packs are very good value though, and cheap.
  19. New Player - where to focus?

    Spellholwer or pony for best pve. With their supports ofc. Pony or necro for pvp.
  20. Dye

  21. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    I see. But as far as i know this is the first time that ppl need to buy from bots to sustain ss usage. It has reached an extreme lvl. If it was only people buyin from bots to buy gear and luxury equipment it wouldnt be that bad. But to cover ss usage its too much... All i want NCsoft to do is to make it so the ss cost is covered from regular farming... And im sure they would make more money like this as more players would invest in their store too.
  22. I dont think you were banned for botting. Their out-of-date automated security system seems to ban accounts for safety, especially when u have multiple accs. It happens to me often. I email them and with 24hrs its unbanned. Annnoying, but not the end Unless they told ya it was for botting?
  23. Hey did u submit a support ticket? Was your IP banned? How do u know its because of botting report? Sometimes their automated system bans you and u get unbanned through email or support ticket submission.
  24. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    Hey. What do u mean thats same place adena was/is coming from ? Ruins of Agony and other low lvl zones? I didnt understand what u mean by saying it was always like this and nothing has changed. Players use to be able to cover their ss costs from most hunting zones. I have been away from the game for few years so maybe im stuck bit more in the past, but it wasnt like this back then. Can u tell me if u agree/disagree with the following 2 points? 1) Adena situation right now is causing a lot of new players (and old) to quit the server 2) If every live player in the server buys items through l2 store to sell for adena, do u believe theres enough adena for all? Or its just a Ponzi scheme structure?
  25. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    This doesnt solve anything and with just a little bit of thought u will realize it. The economy is broken. YES u can pay in store and sell those items. BUT, where do u think that adena comes from? Since the adena drop zones in game are monopolized by bot farmers exclusively, they are the ones who provide adena to the rest of the server. I have no problem purchasing store items to sell for adena. But if the whole server does this, u do agree that its not viable? Theres literally not enough adena for all players to do this. NCWest needs to do something about this. People are quitting constantly for a variety of reasons, but the adena situation is the main issue that stops new players from continuin the game and reaching high levels. If players could cover their SS costs, they would stay in game, level up, invest more time and money in the store. The current model is not realistic and its just a Ponzi Scheme...