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  1. 2nd chat window

    As far as i know its been removed
  2. So no macro?

    Thx for the update!! I also wanna know about any updates regarding WoDy's mention of the Doomcryer/Dominator issue with elemental attribute dmg
  3. So no macro?

    /assist, /target and /delay were essential to any from of legal afk play ...
  4. So no macro?

    @Juji I know u usually dont respond to most posts.. But please forward these issues up. This is i think the biggest hit this server will take.
  5. Anyone know if theres any way aside from Antharas to obtain this ? @Juji
  6. Auto Hunt with Manners On

    Yes manner mode doesnt work in party mode yet because they still havent fixed it so party members dont count. If u go with manner mode solo it works fine, but it doesnt seoarate party members from any other player yet
  7. Hey guys that table seemed correct for me. I think ur reading it wrong if u agree with @Karesz When it says: Lvl 80 | xp before level 22bil It means to go from 79 to 80 is 22 bil. Then its 111 bil to go from 80-81. I have been using this table to calculate my progress a lot and its been accurate so far. Never tested if its exactly the same but i do get the percentage i expect daily Also after 80 u lose less than 4% when u die and since vip gives u death penalty reduction its not a good way to calculate it. Just check from Ranking-detailed info xp u made per day and see %. Mine was more or less 10% a day at 80lvl for around 10bil xp daily which seem correct
  8. Graphical issue since update

    @DjThunder Thats very weird. I never had that issue there nor has any of my clanmates. Does it happen to u everytime ? Did u submit a support ticket ?
  9. A-gemstones

    Hi. Unfortunately at this point in the server they are very expensive becuase its very hard to drop them. They drop in Devotion/Disciples Necropolis, TOI, LoA, DV and IT. In necropolis u will get pked most of the time and the rest u need 80+ goos parties to go farm. They are also given in some events.
  10. Agathion's Soul

    You were not looking at the wiki for Classic. Dont know where they drop for classic (if they drop at all)
  11. Problem Create Accounts

    Lol so they said to you: "If you are unable to unlock yourself from creating an account, then u wont be able to create an account". Really ?
  12. Problem Create Accounts

    Whats the issue they are referring to? This doesnt sound like the number of accounts u have is the problem.
  13. Problem Create Accounts

    There is no limit to how many accs u make. I created many over time and almost always their automatic security system blocks me. All it takes is a support ticket or email and they unblock you. You dont need to try no vpn or change isp. Just ask them to remove the auto ban

    @poseidon Fully agree with FoxFire above. But just a couple of basics to help u. The \delay x (x is number in seconds) is very useful. Also u can drag and drop anything from ur Skills Window/Actions window/Shortcut bar into a line in the macro. U cannot drag and drop another macro tho. Experiment
  15. Store Gift Icon

    That only happens with new vip tiers (5-7) and not with vip1-4. Its just an oversight on their part, they forgot to progrsm it so it stops. Nothing u can do

    @Kindlove Experiment with macros and theres quite a bit u can do. You can drag and drop any action or skill into a macro line (ie Pickup) Also the /delay command is useful. Adds a delay in seconds jn between lines (ie /delay 3). Good luck

    @Kindlove Yes you can do that with macros. /target "kamael name" /assist /attack Drag and drop this macro on ur bar and right click to toggle on.
  18. Spoil Macro

    If u only have one dwarf, Best way to do this is to have ur dwarf assisting someone. /target name /assist /attack /spoil /attack /attack /attack /sweeper If sweeper is the last command before he changes target again, he will do it most of the time. Still not all of the time. The only way to guarantee spoil and sweep every time is with 2 dwarves. 1 can be a crafter, doesnt matter since both have swreper. So u have one dwarf only spoiling and other only sweeper.
  19. Support sometimes reads mails too fast and doesnt pay much attention.. not first time they do this
  20. Drop EWB (enchant weapon b-grade)

    Ah it seems the rewards are not what i remember Yea theres no more quests i know of at those lvls. So just xp
  21. 3rd class transfer

    U speak with Orven NPC of Ivory tower. A message prompt appears when u hit 76 and clicking it teleports u to him. Choose to kill mobs in silent valley. Good luck
  22. People say "...get to 40 in a few hours..."

    If ur a mage with good gear u get to 20lvl in 15mins. Then u go ruins of agony until aroung 27lvl. Then abandoned camp and kill commanders until around 33. Then some ant nest until 35. Then cruma 3rd floor and hunt Portas. If u have buffers and/or use sayha scrolls u reach 40 in two hours. Then another 3hrs u can reach 50 in Cruma 3rd. Now all this requires u to: - be a mage -have good gear (since no grade penalty) -have buffers / rechargers. -get the high grade starter pack and use sayha, xp rune and xp scrolls. -find free spots When ppl tell u that, they mean in these perfect conditions. If not then it can take few days. Also this is the timeframe without xmas event server boost so now its even faster. There are ppl in here who went 0-76 in 2-3 days...
  23. I would like to get a clarification from a GM if possible on this. The effect of Super Aeore that says MP regeneration/Restoration is meant to do what exactly? It doesnt recharge for more mp if a recharger has it, and it doesnt get more recharge if the rechargee has it. Is it just like a plain ISS rune just more expensive and worse? Or is the effect bugged ? Thank you
  24. Drop EWB (enchant weapon b-grade)

    The quest i think is call a game of cards ? I get it from 55lvl + As for the drop and spoil from some mobs in TOI. I cant remember the names very well. I think it was a mob valled Hallate's somethiing...
  25. NCoin purchase

    If u pay through PayPal u get them instantly. Its normal for card payments to tske up to 24hrs..