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  1. Information

    Well a lot of the bots in Ruins of Agony are not legal. But im talking about using the legal ingame auto hunting system. Set it to short range, pickup on, and go find a group of mobs in roa. Great adena farming. L2 classic wiki is the closest thing u can find with info for here. Mostly accurate, except maybe rates are a bit worse here. So u can find a list of armors/weapons there. Max lvl was 85 but they m9ght have raised it with latest update? Im not sure. Save enchant is the usual +3 for weapons/armor/jewelry except up to +4 for full body armor. Armor enchant rates get lower as u enchant above +4 so be careful.. Theres no soul/spiritshot grades. Ine grade for all, buy it at grocery store. Cheapest in Giran. Yes sadly not many quests...
  2. PK PK PK And More PK

    Although PK was always a part of the game (a fun part as far as im concerned), they need to address recent changes in the game! - PKs shouldnt be able to teleport, or at least with delay of 5 seconds + - PK with ponies shouldnt be able to use them on mount... - PK characters (maybe with a lot of karma) shouldnt be able to pull revenge on you
  3. SpellBooks

    You are better of having a toon macro farrming 24/7 in RoA for adena. You will get it quicker like that. Theres ppl farming for that for 2 weeks straight and didnt get it.. A bot in RoA will get you the spellbook in 2-5 days depending on gear.
  4. Information

    - Best way to make money in this game as is now, is to make one or a few bots to leave afk in Ruins of Agony with macros - As for quests, theres a few quests until lvl 40 to give u mainly XP. After that, theres not much when it comes to quests. Theres the Aden dungeon instance between 40-52 lvl which can give u good items with a bit of luck. Do it daily, its quick (From NPC in Aden town swuare). And at 55+ get the quest from Klump in Aden warehouse. U could get lucky and get a decent scroll here - The way this server is setup, most of the time zones marked as SOLO zones tend to have low xp but good adena/item dros. Zones marked as PARTY tend to have good EXP but low or no adena/drops. NOT always, but most of the time.. Theres some good adena drop zones between 60-70 and after that u can get star particles from farming in elemental zones with good xp. With star particles u can make some money.
  5. Fix PK In Giran server

    100% agree. This server primoyes afk macro leveling. With consistent pking by ponies who can ride mount and use summon, can revenge u back, can use teleport whenever freely etc... It doesnt work. Either do something about the pk system, or something about the afk system.
  6. Bot Party Everywhere

    They used to have a report button then removed it. When u report, nothing happens. Understandably, as no active gms seem to be after bots. They lowered adena drop so much forcing new players to buy from adena sellers. For some reason they seem to almost promote botting in this server... Annoying as they are, 3rd party bots get less frequent as u lvl up, u wont see them much later on...

    They dont care about the posts. They will only care when sales drop...
  8. Agathion issues

    Get an agathion bracelet from NPC Pona in Giran
  9. Super Aeore’s Rune

    I remember i was tricked (by vague description in L2 wiki) some time ago into getting a super Aeore rune for the MP restoration and apparently it works by restoring more mana to the person holding the weapon with super Aeore. You cant use it on a recharger character EE/SE but rather on the person receiving the recharge. I counted my losses and converted it to super Aeore heal and moved on ... Im not 100% sure on this as it has been a while since i tried it. Can you try and confirm please ?
  10. buff on macro and hide vs summons

    Hey, you can solve that buff issue by putting a /delay x line after every buff to give ur pp time to cstch up and do it
  11. critical craft

    I think crit craft gives u a 5% chance to craft x2 items in one attempt
  12. Sorceror or Spellhowler for pve?

    What would the difference be with Live servers?
  13. Disconnects ....

    Ssme here. Might only get a disconnect 1-2 times a month
  14. Baium spawn inside Giran

    What do u mean? Its undeniable that most farmers use 3rd party software
  15. Letter Event / Aden Talisman

    We r talking about the aden talisman. Dont care much that letters are not tradeable. Cloth piece issue definitely needs to be sorted!
  16. Letter Event / Aden Talisman

    Same with me. I would have spent x2-x3 times the money i spent ifnit wasnt account bound. This was one of the stupidest ideas on part kf NCSoft. I just refuse to spend more on only one account to maintain vip status for more than i will be alive...
  17. New player: Please help..

    Theres no limit on how many windows u can open. If u can, go for full healer/buffer/dance/songs. If u cant box many then definitely go for at least warcryer and healer. I say warcryer because for the afk macro gameplay promoted in this server hes the most useful support. Not sure what c grade armor would be best for your trooper, hopefully somene else can say. As for weapon, definitely ancient sword. Dont remember the name of top c though
  18. spellbooks +amuletts

    Unfortunately we have accepted this ridiculous low rate and gave up on posting about it all the time... They dont listen We accepted that uf we want spellbooks we won't get them from drops. We get them either for adena from other players or make mew characters to lvl 40 and get a spellbook chest. With good gear u can do this in few hours. They seem to be promoting bots in this server more more. Its as if like their own employees are actuallu sdena sellers on the side and keep ruinig this game from the inside
  19. A few questions

    Dyes : You can buy 2nd class dyes (40lvl+) from the Grocery NPC in Giran. You can only get up to +4/-5 dyes for 2nd class. When u reach 3rd class (76+) you can get superior dyes +4/-4 from the Magic Shop NPC in Giran. Beyond that better dyes are available from drops and other players for a lot of adena. To make a tattoo you need to buy 10dyes of the stat u want. To make it speak with the Symbol Maker NPC in the Magic shop in Giran.
  20. VIP status buggy ?

    Drops are bad enough as it is! VIP better be working as intended since we are paying for it! @Hime @Juji Could u take a look at this thread? Maybe something is not working as it should here ?
  21. verification on each log in

    Ok i see. Have u checked the Authorized locations through your Account to see if the client actually saves them ? And if it does are they correct?
  22. Although it took me a long time and a bit of research to understand what you are saying, i am with you on this and would love the L-Coin concept to come here as well
  23. verification on each log in

    What do u mean "the client should save and register 5 ip's "? Mine doesnt have a MAX option for IPs. It already has 9 different IPs there. Are u referring to the max 5 email addreses u can save? If so thats not the same as the "Save this IP location" option! If you dont have a static IP, your router can sometimes reset itself (but NOT that often). You need to find out conclusively whether the issue is with your router or with the game. Go in the Account section in lineage2.com Under Security click Authorized locations. You can see there all the IPs you authorized with dates. Do they get saved when u save them? Do u have many? Does your router actually change IPs daily or does the game client simply not save them? After you do so, if its the client, start a Ticket through support. They are pretty quick to respond there, whereas they almost never see the forums Let us know what happens, would be useful to know
  24. VIP status buggy ?

    Can i ask, was ur VIP account in a party or solo? Because the drop rate gets divided throughout the party. If u have one VIP account in a party of no VIPs, that 20% rate will get divided by the number of ppl in the party and becomes almost meaningless. Would it be possible for u to do a test? Reset your xp and start farming. See roughly how much u get per mob. Then at the end of the test see how much xp u got in total and that way u know roughly how many mobs u killed (if u kill only one type). Then see how many drops. This way u can have good data to see whether or not something is wrong. I would be interested to see this as well if ur willing to do it. And then compare to l2 wiki classic database.. This would be a good way to conclusively show whether or not they are scamming us with the VIP? Unfortunately i cant test this myself as i dont have a character whos not VIP atm...
  25. spellbooks +amuletts

    Man they annoyigly put the rates incredibly low. I heard of ppl spending weeks to get s spellbook. At the current rates there shoud be one spellbook every 1000-2000 mobs. But this doesnt mean every 1000 mobs u kill, but rather every 1000-2000 mobs spawned. Someone else might happen to get the drop and then after 1000-2000 more mobs the next one appears. The odds are unnecessarily hard Unfortunately drop/spoil rates are horrible in this server until u get to higher levels (65+). NCsoft doesn't listen, they don't seem to care Dont expect many material drops for now. From my own testing about 1-2 months ago, i found that the drop rates at VIP 4 are half of what it says in L2 Classic Wiki website.