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  1. Although it took me a long time and a bit of research to understand what you are saying, i am with you on this and would love the L-Coin concept to come here as well
  2. verification on each log in

    What do u mean "the client should save and register 5 ip's "? Mine doesnt have a MAX option for IPs. It already has 9 different IPs there. Are u referring to the max 5 email addreses u can save? If so thats not the same as the "Save this IP location" option! If you dont have a static IP, your router can sometimes reset itself (but NOT that often). You need to find out conclusively whether the issue is with your router or with the game. Go in the Account section in lineage2.com Under Security click Authorized locations. You can see there all the IPs you authorized with dates. Do they get saved when u save them? Do u have many? Does your router actually change IPs daily or does the game client simply not save them? After you do so, if its the client, start a Ticket through support. They are pretty quick to respond there, whereas they almost never see the forums Let us know what happens, would be useful to know
  3. VIP status buggy ?

    Can i ask, was ur VIP account in a party or solo? Because the drop rate gets divided throughout the party. If u have one VIP account in a party of no VIPs, that 20% rate will get divided by the number of ppl in the party and becomes almost meaningless. Would it be possible for u to do a test? Reset your xp and start farming. See roughly how much u get per mob. Then at the end of the test see how much xp u got in total and that way u know roughly how many mobs u killed (if u kill only one type). Then see how many drops. This way u can have good data to see whether or not something is wrong. I would be interested to see this as well if ur willing to do it. And then compare to l2 wiki classic database.. This would be a good way to conclusively show whether or not they are scamming us with the VIP? Unfortunately i cant test this myself as i dont have a character whos not VIP atm...
  4. spellbooks +amuletts

    Man they annoyigly put the rates incredibly low. I heard of ppl spending weeks to get s spellbook. At the current rates there shoud be one spellbook every 1000-2000 mobs. But this doesnt mean every 1000 mobs u kill, but rather every 1000-2000 mobs spawned. Someone else might happen to get the drop and then after 1000-2000 more mobs the next one appears. The odds are unnecessarily hard Unfortunately drop/spoil rates are horrible in this server until u get to higher levels (65+). NCsoft doesn't listen, they don't seem to care Dont expect many material drops for now. From my own testing about 1-2 months ago, i found that the drop rates at VIP 4 are half of what it says in L2 Classic Wiki website.
  5. Account locked, need your help !

    Guys this happens often especially when starting new accounts. Its annoying yes, but they resolve it quick most of the time. Just submit a Ticket through the Support section on the website. If you cant login to do so, send them an email at appeal@ncsoft.com or support@lineage2.com. They usually sort this within the day. Good luck. ps Dont expect them to see the forums for this. They usually dont.
  6. verification on each log in

    Something is wrong then. You should submit a ticket through support on the site. They usually get back to you quick there. They might not see it here. Unless you have a static IP your router can refresh your IP on its own sometimes, but definitely not daily! You can also check through the website, there is a section in your Account you can see all ur Saved IPs. Check to see if the problem is that its not saving them, or if its an ip issue. Good luck.
  7. verification on each log in

    Tick "Save This IP address" next time you log in. Now you will only need to verify again only if ur router/modem restarts or disconnects from the internet.
  8. Soulshots and BSpiritshots D

    Theres no grades anymore. You can buy ss from grocery stores now. Weapons grades C/D use 1 at a time, grade B uses 2, grade A uses 3. Giran has the cheapest price. You cant exchange with other players so only buy them with the character u need them with.
  9. Adamantite Nugget Spoil Broken

    Thats weird. You should get at least one for around 30 kills. I do know that level difference makes it even worse. Im not talking about spoil succeeding, but the mob actually dropping anything. One type of Headless knight has much higher ratios to drop iron ore at least and the Wyrm a recipe. Is that what u mean? I have never experienced a situation where the item doesnt drop at all, but then again L2 wiki isn't meant to be 100% accurate with our version. As for what u mentioned about getting materials in store, u dont buy them. You can only get them useing silver coins. You can get silver coins ifrom killing mobs when you are VIP 3 or 4. But dont count on it, you wont get nearly enough to supply all ur crafting needs. Just save it for the rarer materials. I have to say that spoil only becomes worth it after lvl 68+. At those lvls there are mobs that drop u 1:1 all the time. Also, when u go catacombs/necropolis at those lvls u will spoil more in 2-3 days than all the spoil u did up to that point. Dont give up on the spoiler even if it seems pointless in this stupid server
  10. Adamantite Nugget Spoil Broken

    Hey, what did u get from spoiling them? What lvl are u? If they are toi big oe too small spoil drops. Also, there are 2-3 different types of the same momster sometines that drop different stuff. They are just at different locations. U can see the types in l2 wiki classic. Also, i have tested the spoil rates extensively and can say that with VIP 4 the rates are about half of what u see in l2 wiki. Besides stupidly low rates, i never had a problem spoiling what i need.
  11. PK & Shots

    If you have any old ss then you can exchange them through the dimensional merchant. If not, find someone who still has and buy them ? Only other thing i know of is to buy something from the store that gives you SS exchange tickets (like the pack under the "Event" tab)
  12. adena rates are screwed

    Guys its much worse at higher levels... Its actually easier farming adena under 40 lvl. I dont understand what NCsoft gains from this. All it achieves is playrrs leaving from justified frustration and filling up the pockets of adena farmers. I really think their store could make more money if players didnt also need to buy adena from bots... It doesnt make sense to me.
  13. New launcher

    There was an announcement that said i think after the 5th september new launcher is required ..
  14. Well i dont have any problems and they actually did make the new launcher better. If u have multiple accounts, it now saves them when u login i think its very useful. Hope ur issue is sorted soon...
  15. As for ur first problem, turn off manner mode. They havent fixed it to work within party yet... As for ur second issue, not much we can do and doubt ncsoft will.. As for the third problem, this can be fixed by finding a clear area with no obstacles. Then set a healer or a warcryer as the main target and have them only group heal/buff. Or if u dont have a healer/wc just make ur character /sit. That way ur man target eont move from the area thus ur toons wont get stuck anywhere (considering u found a good spot).
  16. Help dark wizard

    I'd advise u to intentionally keep ur vampiric claw around 3 levels behind. It doesnt affect the damage much but the MP u save is worth it
  17. skill Spike - bag or wrong description

    I have a 2H Blunt (Star Buster) and it doesn't work. P. atk remains the same after buff
  18. Yea man dont give up. If u put the work it can pay off. Do keep in mind though that first u would need a good party to go after the valuable A grade stuff and also that catacombs/necropolis (which are probably some of the best spoiling grounds) are regularly patrolled by PK characters making sure others cant take advantage and make money.
  19. New Here

    lol. We are on different servers dude. Otherwise i'd be up for it
  20. Quest 40+

    Theres almost no quests worth doing in this server except the dailies. Also, theres a Dungeon quest u get from Aden starting at lvl 40 that u can do daily for rewards. U can get anything from buff scroll, 36kk XP/SP potion, Armor C, EWC. To do this quest go to Aden, go down the stairs and speak to the Dungeon NPC on the right when u come down to the main square. Imo this is the only quest that might be worth doing outside the dailies. With a bit of luck u could make some money.
  21. Help dark wizard

    Ignore all other skills u wont use. No need to waste SP and it will be a problem later. Also, imo aura burn is a waste of SP ....
  22. SP gain starts getting easier after 70 lvl
  23. purchase for magic weapon.

    Hey, u should get the duals from the Missions reward tab. Its under "Growth" in missions.
  24. Zaken swords agathion

    If ur talking about the agathion from the l2 store, it doesnt give any stats
  25. best trio for fastest leveling

    @Petrovicccc Hey, if ur talking about the best trio for PvE farming/levelling then its definitely SPH+EE+SE. This is because with both buffers recharging u u can actually go non-stop. There is no down time! If ur talking about PvP, or even a balance between PvE and PvP then SE+BD is better. But there will be some downtime, though not as much given u use ur Body to Mind.