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  1. We Want The Old Olympiad Game Back

    Who ever says they prefer this are either trolling or are completely dishonest. I play a necro and actually have all the buffer as extra characters. So obviously i=this is to my benefit. But this is by no means good. This is the worst decision they could come up with about Oly. They instantly took the joy of Oly of everyone playing /enchanter/healer types
  2. @Hime Please address the issue of Elites not dropping Spirit Rough Jewels anymore in the Attribute zones
  3. Since the update spirit rough jewels do not drop by the Elites in Garden of Eva and Wall of Argos. Dont know about Forge of the Gods and Wind plateu.
  4. Hi, does anyone have any info on how to obtain B+ ancient swords/rapiers? Is it through drop only? What about craft?
  5. Hi, does anyone know where to get weapon/armor enhancement stones (obviously besides buying them from other players)? Cant seem to find any information on them. Thanks
  6. Also Undine doesnt seem to drop Water Spirit Rough Jewel in Garden of Eva. At least doesnt drop with the same rate as before. Dont know if it would throw if i kill more but there is a noticeable issue.
  7. actually if u look at the link posted by Hime for the classic version it actually shows the added cost of 200k. You must have seen the non-classic version maybe ?
  8. @Hime Hi, There was no information in the patch notes as to how to acquire Ancient Weapons. Didnt see the Change Weapon skill listed. If they are only acquired trough normal means (drop/crafting) then obviously kamael characters cant be played for a while? Some clarification please Thank you
  9. @Hime Hi, Can we get any info on how many of each grade SS/BSS we could exchange for the new universal grade ones? Also, it is worth considering doing somethin to give value to Crystals as this will now kill the market. So many players (including myself) hav invested heavily in crafting SS nad buying Crystals. Could we somehow either get reimbursed for the crystals at close too market value or find some other use for them ? Thank you
  10. Hello. All the information on these recipes from the wiki site have been removed apparently due to updates on the korean server. There is a rumor going on that Soulshot C recipe has been removed from this server. Can the GMs please inform us on this so we dont waste our time looking for them? Has any SS/BSS recipe been removed from the servers ? @Juji @Hime
  11. Where to get recipes

    my post on SSC was on Soulshot C. But there is a rumor going around that it has been removed from the server. Hasnt appeared in a long time now
  12. Well whether or not these recipes still exist in the server hasnt been addressed. SSC recipe at least has disappeared from the market for at least a month now. None of the GMs have addressed this yet. Nor the location of SSA/BSSA has been addresed.
  13. Since L2 Wiki removed info on these a few days ago, is there a way to access their old database? Does anyone know where SSA and BSSA recipes drop/spoil from? I remember it being somewhere in TOI ?
  14. I would love for this server to thrive. But it is literally the worst L2 server i have ever played. It is like NCSoft West intentionally wants to kill this server. I have 4 different VIP 4 characters in this game and have decided to give it a chance before i quit. I still have hope. So i decided to list some of the big problems i observed in hope that it can reach someone making decisions (although unlikely). - You advertise the server as free to play and with no Pay-to-Win items. This is a lie and very misleading. How is a server free to play if even your bare necessities cannot be covered from hunting? You cant even cover your SS/BSS + teleport needs unless you spend real money to buy adena. Not even thinking about buying any equipment. - Every month you hold a Pay to Win event. It is undeniably Pay To Win because there is no way you can buy those items when you cannot get any adena and item drops from hunting. Im even sure that if anyone had the time and money they could even take you to court for false advertisement. - You make this stupid 15th anniversary event where u power level everyone but give them no SP while at the same time ignoring people who just started by offering ONLY 4kk xp until 51 lvl. This will create soooo many problems i cant even list them all. You will have a bunch of 70+ chars with no SP, no skills, no equipment and no zones to farm in. What do you expect will happen ? - You actively encourage bots. You are an official server and you really allow botting. You remove bot reporting ingame, and reduce adena drop especially from high levels thus creating a market for botting in the low level zones. It is literally impossible to play active in this game. You even allow adrenaline! Although you wont officially admit it. It is actually quite simple to fix this server. Raise the adena/item drop rates and temporarily raise SP farming. This is all u need to do to make this game fun again. And the only thing that will guarantee you long time active players. I have no problem with paying some money every month to play a game i enjoy. But to spend some money on L2 Store for VIP, then need to also buy adena to cover my basic needs (SS/BSS) and then need some more money for equipment, and then some more money every month for your P2W events.... All for a game i dont even enjoy the way you messed it up. I will give this server some time but i will soon quit if no changes are made. As have so many others and i sincerely hope you see it and do something to fix it. Tagging the GMs in hope they will take some time to read and hopefully respond to our concerns. @Juji @Hime Thank you
  15. Warlord - SE Recharge

    I'd assume that u used the exp scrolls from the event to level up and have no SP for skills? What level is your recharge skill ?
  16. From the looks of this event i can only draw two conclusions (since no one would actually spend that money for a buff scroll): 1) Developers have no idea that players have no adena as they have been almost removed from the monsters. 2) Or they do know and force the community to actually buy adena with real money from the bots. @Hime Can we please get an answer to this issue ? It has been raised many times but there was never a reply from NCSoft. Can you please tell us whether this is just a bug you were not aware of and will fix soon, or is this how you intend this game to be? People are leaving due to this and i hope this can be fixed soon. Thank you
  17. Where to get recipes

    If its any help i remember the drops for SSC recipe ( as listed in the L2.Wiki ): Theres NO spoil. Only Drop. - Dailaon Lad - Alligators Island - DROP - ( 0.05 - 0.5% ) - Tamlin Orc Archer - Hunters Valley - DROP - (0.05 - 0.5% ) - Snipe - Cruma - DROP - ( 0.5 - 1% ) The rates for the first 2 might not be 100% accurate but they are more or less that. If anynoe remembers drop/spoils for the rest of the recipes (D/C/B/A ), post ?
  18. Soulshot C recipe

    Does someone remember where SSA / BSSA recipe used to drop/spoil from ? I think it was in Tower Of Insolence ?
  19. INSTANCE ADEN only for bots?

    All you need is for one active GM to wander around in all the low level farming spots and start banning. Just for one hour once every few days. Doesn't take too much effort.
  20. Soulshot C recipe

    It appears all grades of ss/bss recipes have been removed from l2.wiki
  21. Soulshot C recipe

    If anyone still has hope, they used to be listed as dropping from: - Tamlin Orc Archer (Hunters Valley) - Dailaon Lad (Alligators Island) - Snipe (Cruma) If you look in the l2.stat.info website this recipe last appeared for sale 2 weeks ago. No one has had one since then. Seems to have happened with the update from 2 weeks ago. Any answers please ? @J
  22. I just started playing and i need some help from experienced players deciding on my main char choice. Im between Spellsinger or Elemental Summoner. Would have just gone with necro but its too expensive to sustain in this server How do they compare in PvP/PvE solo and in party? Is the ES more expensive to sustain due to beast soulshots/spirit ores? Does the SPS have a mana problem and is that solved with an Elder recharging? Does the ES have any dd skills in classic or relies solely on Unicorns? Also, what do u think is more enjoyable to play in the long run? Any other thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.
  23. 4K Resolution Problems

    UPDATE Issue resolved by using a Restore Point in Windows and removing/reinstalling the game.
  24. 4K Resolution Problems

    Everything was working fine with the game and then i pressed "Reset Settings" in the Video section of the Options menu. Since then my resolution is automatically set at 4K and i cannot change in any way. Everything in the game is too small too see. The game is now unplayable. I cannot change the Options.ini file. No matter what i do the resolution goes back to 4K. I cannot lower my PC's resolution as that creates other unrelated problems. The game was working fine! I dont understand what happened... Any help pls ??