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  1. Where to get recipes

    If its any help i remember the drops for SSC recipe ( as listed in the L2.Wiki ): Theres NO spoil. Only Drop. - Dailaon Lad - Alligators Island - DROP - ( 0.05 - 0.5% ) - Tamlin Orc Archer - Hunters Valley - DROP - (0.05 - 0.5% ) - Snipe - Cruma - DROP - ( 0.5 - 1% ) The rates for the first 2 might not be 100% accurate but they are more or less that. If anynoe remembers drop/spoils for the rest of the recipes (D/C/B/A ), post ?
  2. Soulshot C recipe

    Does someone remember where SSA / BSSA recipe used to drop/spoil from ? I think it was in Tower Of Insolence ?
  3. INSTANCE ADEN only for bots?

    All you need is for one active GM to wander around in all the low level farming spots and start banning. Just for one hour once every few days. Doesn't take too much effort.
  4. Soulshot C recipe

    It appears all grades of ss/bss recipes have been removed from l2.wiki
  5. Soulshot C recipe

    If anyone still has hope, they used to be listed as dropping from: - Tamlin Orc Archer (Hunters Valley) - Dailaon Lad (Alligators Island) - Snipe (Cruma) If you look in the l2.stat.info website this recipe last appeared for sale 2 weeks ago. No one has had one since then. Seems to have happened with the update from 2 weeks ago. Any answers please ? @J
  6. I just started playing and i need some help from experienced players deciding on my main char choice. Im between Spellsinger or Elemental Summoner. Would have just gone with necro but its too expensive to sustain in this server How do they compare in PvP/PvE solo and in party? Is the ES more expensive to sustain due to beast soulshots/spirit ores? Does the SPS have a mana problem and is that solved with an Elder recharging? Does the ES have any dd skills in classic or relies solely on Unicorns? Also, what do u think is more enjoyable to play in the long run? Any other thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.
  7. 4K Resolution Problems

    UPDATE Issue resolved by using a Restore Point in Windows and removing/reinstalling the game.
  8. 4K Resolution Problems

    Everything was working fine with the game and then i pressed "Reset Settings" in the Video section of the Options menu. Since then my resolution is automatically set at 4K and i cannot change in any way. Everything in the game is too small too see. The game is now unplayable. I cannot change the Options.ini file. No matter what i do the resolution goes back to 4K. I cannot lower my PC's resolution as that creates other unrelated problems. The game was working fine! I dont understand what happened... Any help pls ??