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  1. niewbie question

    Elf summoner is the top class, and also works well without gear, bot users like it very much since they can hit+nuke+heal+recharge. It can learn nuke after 40, and farm like a wizard while the horses are stronger than warriors of the same level. op af.
  2. Bring back SpiritShots for the poor mages

    Soul and spirit shots in classic are luxury items for pvp. You should not double your damage for no good reason when you farm some mobs around the map, it is not sustainable and also do not fair against monsters who do not use shots either.
  3. One does not simply unplug the Skynet…
  4. So no macro?

    Chill guys, this a tactic to identify bots!
  5. As far as I understand you can exchange spellbooks to green spinels, not spinels for spellbooks. It is a way to discard low value/useless spellbooks and buy buff/xp stuffs.
  6. I am only lv79 and never had vip. Can you tell me how much % would I loose if I reach 80 and die? I heared it is less than 4% but not sure about the exact amount.
  7. You do not need to do quest for class change for 1st and 2nd class. Once you reach the required level, a new icon which symbolize a gold medalion will show up at the lower left part of the screen, next to global gk etc. If you click on it, you can change your class.
  8. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    The patch is just the tip of the iceberg, a significant number of the players who comes to play classic comes to find the "old magic". The feeling when you only runs 1 client in full screen with sound on! Chat with clan, level and gear up together, fight for raids and sieges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1yRFXBc1k8& Instead of that, we just do something like: "Lets start the full party afk macro farm somewhere, cannot die because of penalty, cannot use shots because of cost, well whatever maybe it will be better later." The framework (server settings) not support the oldschool feeling, however most of the players do not have the time to be a "hero" anymore either. We just do some multi-window farm simulator. About the adena question, choose one: - Very little adena drop and income, longer and more controlled inflation. - Normal adena drop and income, faster and more insane inflation.
  9. Not sure if this is still valid or not, but you can try to verfy it manually if kill some mobs to gather the total required xp 0.01% (in this case 2,233,393) and check if the xp bar gone up by that much or not. According to this data you need 22,333,931,158 xp from lv80 to lv81. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level If this information is obsolete, you can try to calculate the xp from death penalty. When you die and loose 4% xp, probably you will use a 90% res, which will state how much xp you gain when you accept it. That amount equals to 3.6% xp, if you multiple that amount with 27.777 you will get the total required xp from 80 to 81. GL!
  10. Tyrant or destro

    If you play active, using your skills and selfbuffs properly I would be a Destro. If you want to autofarm more than maybe Tyrant is better because of ogre totem. One Horse to rule them all, One Horse to find them, One Horse to bring them all and in the darkness bind them I would use an elemental summoner in the longterm with the current classic server setup.
  11. Elven Knight advice.

    To tell the truth both will be hard if you wish to solo, the DPS is just isnt enough, unless you have some OP gear and money. If I were in your place I would choose SWS.... Then I would create a warcryer + BD + summoner, and PVE with the 4 together.
  12. Daggers useless in PVP?

    Not just dagger, in field-pvp almost all melee classes are inferior against summoners and mages in the endgame, unless you have really top overenchanted stuffs. At oly probably destors are fine and even daggers can have their moments, but I am not sure about this. Here is a video to give you some idea from about current classic field-pvp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jlw6wYI72Sg
  13. Elven Knight advice.

    SWS has good defensive buffs, in the mid/lategame it is essential for pve and pvp also in warrior archer or mage party too.
  14. That is a lot... If you focus for the early-game and just want to have fun (pre lv50), your reasons are probably ok, you can play any class and kill some monsters, the power is more gear than class/skill dependent. For mid game and lategame pve, you will need 3 things to be somewhat efficient: Damage Buff Heal So you need to find friends with classes which supports yours (rare), or create your own boxes and run multiple game clients at once in window mode. Since you already created 3 character you can try to level each of them to the same level, and then login all at once and create a party with them. Setup1, melee: Wizard will be the summoner (warlock) and use it's summon as a main DD. BD will assist-attack DD and use dances to buff Elder will use buffs + heal. In the longterm you will need a 'vampiric rage' + 'haste' buff so I advise to create a warcryer too if you choose this. Setup2, mage Wizard will be an archmage/necromancer, and use firemagic to deal damage BD will be a tank with agro and use dances to support mage damage/casting speed. Elder will use buffs + heal + recharge for mana You will need an empower + acumen buffs at least, but for acumen you can buy potion from grocery, and you will need more mana so I advise to create a shielen elder too for empo + mana. Good luck.
  15. which class is dominate now?

    1. Magnus the Unicorn + Elemental Master 2. Magnus the Unicorn 3. Elemental Master