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  1. To tell the truth both will be hard if you wish to solo, the DPS is just isnt enough, unless you have some OP gear and money. If I were in your place I would choose SWS.... Then I would create a warcryer + BD + summoner, and PVE with the 4 together.
  2. Not just dagger, in field-pvp almost all melee classes are inferior against summoners and mages in the endgame, unless you have really top overenchanted stuffs. At oly probably destors are fine and even daggers can have their moments, but I am not sure about this. Here is a video to give you some idea from about current classic field-pvp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jlw6wYI72Sg
  3. SWS has good defensive buffs, in the mid/lategame it is essential for pve and pvp also in warrior archer or mage party too.
  4. That is a lot... If you focus for the early-game and just want to have fun (pre lv50), your reasons are probably ok, you can play any class and kill some monsters, the power is more gear than class/skill dependent. For mid game and lategame pve, you will need 3 things to be somewhat efficient: Damage Buff Heal So you need to find friends with classes which supports yours (rare), or create your own boxes and run multiple game clients at once in window mode. Since you already created 3 character you can try to level each of them to the same level, and t
  5. 1. Magnus the Unicorn + Elemental Master 2. Magnus the Unicorn 3. Elemental Master
  6. Hello, I would do the following: 1. Go to Giran harbor, talk with a fishing npc to start a quest. 2. Finish the quest in 3min and get 10 day fishrod 3. Buy bait and fishing shot, and let your character AFK fish for 10 day. 4. From the fish buy Stews: Vampiric rage lv1, XP boost 30%, check market price and sell with afk seller. Meanwhile you can start new characters if you are bored, farm or fish with those too. You will need buff + heal at least on the longterm so supports are needed. or you can try to find a clan where low level active players play (somewhat rare).
  7. Hello! Will there be any santa type event in the near future?
  8. People do not really important from game engine point of view, the number of characters online/moving at the same place is the factor here, 200 people can log in 4k char. I remember when we had those cake events with 2k char in elven village, there was large lag and we cannot really move and I fear the better the graphics the worse it may get. However I am not an expert so I honestly curious about the opinion what advantage a new engine would offer next to the "shiny graphics".
  9. That engine can handle properly large scale fights like epic raids or 200vs200 pvp?
  10. Yep. Clicker type of target/attack/skill and the heavy grind also have effect. I am not sure who say l2 is not p2w, but as far as I heared in Korea pay to win is actually not a bad thing, it simulates well the social hierarchy so players willing to blend in and try to gain advantage through hard work or trickery or money. Just saw a video about some l2 history from a gamer point of view, if you will have a free 30min check it out. (subject is a bit confusing,but it isnt about rage) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jA8h3dcwGI
  11. TLDR: The framework changed a bit, however the players habit and goals changed much more. I understand what you talk about, however not just the software changed but the playerbase too. 15 year ago if you played a few hours more than other players and read some information on web, you was the king among the hordes of newbies. Also when you are a newbie that also has its own magic. Currently 95% of the playerbase is much more efficient, know every trick/tip/class/skill, powerlevel and rush to endgame gear, farm and camp. Even on an interlude server, players know they should start
  12. “I'm best titan eu or even world just missing some l2mastercard items" +1 for the olympiad rewards Heroes should have their skills at least, and the other 99% of the chars should get some tokens to buy enchant or buffslot after a while.
  13. Karesz


    You can log as many chars as you wish, the limit is the performance of your pc. However you need to close the launcher and restart it after each of them.
  14. Hello! I am playing in Giran (classic), and currently at lv78. Started to play L2 around 2006 on private l2j servers. The state of PK in the past was very different and there are several major factors which affects the current sitation. The most common reasons behind pk which I experienced or commited in older L2 chronicles were: Clan confrontations but 1 side was not willing to declare the clanwar, usually the other side was more powerful (member, gear, etc) Clearing up farm spot, or taking over a raid/epic. Bot killing. Someone was bored as hell, he tri
  15. That would not help too much, You would get 1 bigger dead instead of 4 smaller. Just think about it, add all the number of bots together into 1 server? Standing in city would be better maybe, but once you go out? Do you know how much all those silent elf horses defecate around? just the smell alone
  16. I try to help, but I am not an expert. 1+2. No. At least not easy to setup this perfectly. Here are a few things which you can try: You have 12 slot in a macro and with a rightclick you can set it up in "rotation" For PP: /target hawkeye /heal /heal /buff1 /buff2 /assist /attack /delay 10 /target hawkeye /assist /attack /delay 10 For WC /buff 1 /buff 2 ... /buff 9 /attack /delay 1140 This way you can get 2heal 2buff from pp (berserk, BTB) while it even try to attack/assist, but you need to setup the delay time to an amount which let yo
  17. Hey! You have some information about a new reward list in the future, or you meant to write "it would be exceptionally rewarding"? If you know something can you please share? I just sold several thousands a week ago for somewhat low price, and when I read your comment the instant pain of lost adena hit me...
  18. They should also have durability, and when it reach zero, a fast moving pikachu with zariche would spawn next to the archer and attack all elemental summoners in 1600 range with killing intent. That would be beneficial for other classes.
  19. Age and stupidity has nothing to do with each other. According to my current experience, most people get more stupid when they grow older because they start to grow their false self confidence. Also, you should not be rude at a Forum, it decrease your chances. Are there anyone who knows the acc/pass/mail access of the account which got banned, I know it is very rare, but sharing account is actually against the eula and account can be locked because of this in some cases.
  20. 1. Yes, as far as I know the current limit from Dyes is +5, negativ limit is not exists but I guess you cannot go below 0. 2. There are the usual limitations about 1st/2nd/3rd class change only, healer only, warrior only, you can read these on the dyes itself. 3. Yes, there are some dyes which provide higher bonus stat than negative stat like "+2stat -1 stat", I have no idea how can you get those. Also you can check info here. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dyes_and_Tattoos 4. As far as I understand WIT and INT stats are better than MEN most of the time if you want to improve y
  21. Karesz

    I'm stuck

    You have several options: - Start afk Fishing, buy XP/VR stews from your fish and sell them for nice profit. Use shots for the fishing and the more clients you can run the better. - Create new account with new characters which supports your current setup, Bladedancer/Sws is really needed for levels above 60, Summoners are OP AF without gear. - Try to play the market, needs time and have some risk, but if you manage to buy things cheap and sell high you can get some profit. - Do not use auto-macro-farm, do it with the normal way when you control both you character, I guess y
  22. There is an ingame moveable window, with a button "l2 Store", usually it is around the "minimap/radar" with standard UI. You can access and check the stuff there which is buyable for ncoin. Is it worth it? - Hard to say, this is heavily depends on the user. I myself never had any, since I do not need cosmetics, and I think ingame advantage for money is a trap and also somewhat against my old-principles. I think that the VIP levels, starter packs, cloaks, hats, xp boosts etc can give you an edge so if you want to support the developers and have some money to spare go for it.
  23. First I would say, you need to decide how you like to play, and what is your goal: - Do you want to play as a melee and hit with your weapon? // Ranged maybe like a wizard/archer? - Are you willing to use auto-macro farm and leave your pc on while you are in work/school/sleep? // You only want your char to level when you drive it? - Are you willing to use multiple accounts to create support for yourself? // You only want to play with 1 client? - You want to
  24. You know you can actually play like this here, you just need to re-adjust your mindset about caring what everybody else is doing. Just like in most single player games, you may use cheat or console command but you chose not to, since it would ruin the fun. It is the same with L2, do not ruin your own fun. There was a long post here on the forum sometime ago about Pay-To-Win is a hoax. You think you pay to win, but you do not actually win, just paying for the illusion. Players who pay a lot are stronger than those who do not pay/bot/macro/9box? Yeah, sure. Are they have more fun
  25. I understand now, but maybe we should examine the "events" in the given period all together, and not be too jealous for the bigbrother server.
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