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  1. Hi, I had the same idea when I joined a week ago, I do not want to say bad things so I will list some facts, but this is not the lineage2 which we known earlier, feels like a different game and different skills and systems. 1. As far as I know most of the quest removed, 1st 2nd class transfer automatic. 2. Autoloop macro and Autonexttarget+attack implemented, so you can have a legal half-bot ingame, harder to detect actual bots because of this, so there are many of those also. 3. Currently you can log with as many box as your pc afford, still not sure if this is legal or an offe
  2. You are right, I misunderstood, sorry. I died like 10 times without karma, never lost anything.
  3. 2 days ago, I killed in Cruma with lv38 +lv36 +lv34 chars, some of the mobs were light red for the highest, and deep-red for the lowest char, I got 1 karmian boots.
  4. Any news about this? I think one can still log in more than 3. It would be nice to see some official statement if this is a bannable offense or free for all.
  5. I only found 1 so far, called Warframe. Stay-to-win instead of pay-to-win, but it is far more cooperative than competitive so maybe it should not count.
  6. As far as I understand, it will be much worse before it gets any better. I am not really there yet, but read through some threads. If you play casually your adena will not be enough to maintain your shot consumption above C grade, so you will loose money instead of earning for a while. I would advise to use that no grade dual sls with C level stats as much as possible, since farming with that will let you do it shotless in a lot of places, and even if you use shots no grade is cheap. Many people suggest to AFK fishing with 20+ chars and sell the rewards.
  7. In l2 store (below minimap) you can go to event tab and buy the 0 priced starter-kit which contains a 30day shadow weapon with OP stats + some shots.
  8. Thank you for the information for all of you!
  9. I just logged into this forum for the first time of my life to try to find the answer for this question...
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