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  1. I'm stuck

    You have several options: - Start afk Fishing, buy XP/VR stews from your fish and sell them for nice profit. Use shots for the fishing and the more clients you can run the better. - Create new account with new characters which supports your current setup, Bladedancer/Sws is really needed for levels above 60, Summoners are OP AF without gear. - Try to play the market, needs time and have some risk, but if you manage to buy things cheap and sell high you can get some profit. - Do not use auto-macro-farm, do it with the normal way when you control both you character, I guess you will not die that way. - Join a good clan or CP if you can find one. In your place I would start several new account if your PC can support it. BD,SWS, summoner and also maybe an elder for normal heals/recharge. Level them with quests to 20, do the fishing quest with all of them + your mains (or buy fishing rod/bait/shot) and then start the 10 day afk fishing period. Sell the 30%XP/VR stews, you will have some cash to invest into buying stuff and re-sell with profit. Then level up your 4 new character to ~48, and join with the 6 person army together. You will have much better autofarm options if that is the goal, since you will have a summon to tank, the summoner to heal it + normal heals from elder + song dance around 58 will help a lot.
  2. Information about NCoin

    There is an ingame moveable window, with a button "l2 Store", usually it is around the "minimap/radar" with standard UI. You can access and check the stuff there which is buyable for ncoin. Is it worth it? - Hard to say, this is heavily depends on the user. I myself never had any, since I do not need cosmetics, and I think ingame advantage for money is a trap and also somewhat against my old-principles. I think that the VIP levels, starter packs, cloaks, hats, xp boosts etc can give you an edge so if you want to support the developers and have some money to spare go for it.
  3. New Player! need guidance <3

    First I would say, you need to decide how you like to play, and what is your goal: - Do you want to play as a melee and hit with your weapon? // Ranged maybe like a wizard/archer? - Are you willing to use auto-macro farm and leave your pc on while you are in work/school/sleep? // You only want your char to level when you drive it? - Are you willing to use multiple accounts to create support for yourself? // You only want to play with 1 client? - You want to be competative, reach highest levels and top gear? // You ok by having fun while mostly do PVE only? - Are you willing to spend money to get extra gear, vip, lottery? // Pure F2P? Ofc you can also mix up the things and see how it works, just do not forget to have fun while playing. Once gaming get tedious, do not forget to change something. If you just want to level at the early stages of the game and decided on the preferred class, it is adviseable to create some support character or find a clan where there are active low level support chars (probably rare). You will need some buff and some heal and also some way to collect some early money, you can try go fishing or something like that. The so called " best" leveling places depends on class, gear and members in party but always try to hunt monsters which are about the same levels as you, because you can get some nasty penalties if they are too out of your level range.
  4. Thank you all

    You can get respec for a fee, almost the same. Added the Stat Ability System. Lv. 76+ characters obtain 1 Stat Point per level up. You can distribute Stats Points through the Character Info window (ALT + T). To reset distributed points, press the [Initialize] button and pay a fee. When reset, all the invested points will be retrieved. To initialize the points costs 2,900,000 Adena. Different passive skills are activated according to Stats Points.
  5. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    You know you can actually play like this here, you just need to re-adjust your mindset about caring what everybody else is doing. Just like in most single player games, you may use cheat or console command but you chose not to, since it would ruin the fun. It is the same with L2, do not ruin your own fun. There was a long post here on the forum sometime ago about Pay-To-Win is a hoax. You think you pay to win, but you do not actually win, just paying for the illusion. Players who pay a lot are stronger than those who do not pay/bot/macro/9box? Yeah, sure. Are they have more fun too? Well it is up for debate.
  6. I understand now, but maybe we should examine the "events" in the given period all together, and not be too jealous for the bigbrother server.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but we get like 70 pcs of lvl2 epic jewels in total +~15 S grade weapon pack. Just not everyone, since it is a lottery.
  8. cruma tower and high lvl pks

    Who knows? I am honestly interested if there are some positive examples out there. I tried several free servers in the last decade, however almost all closed/wiped after a while, and that is not a good example.

    You guys just feed the beast. Do not use money when rng/chance is involved in an event.
  10. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    What are the stats? Anyone can copy/link it here?
  11. Shot Recipes

    There are a lot of changes when you compare the "Classic" with the old L2. Half of my old assumptions were wrong, if you just starting FYI: - No Grade penalty - No Shot craft - Universal soul/spirit shots - Higher grade weapons eat more Shot after C - Many automacro parties so even bot parties do not hide too much - Spoil chance is lower than expected (by most ppl) - Adena drop is lower than expected (by most ppl) - No buff removal at oly - Only 1 castle siege (giran) - Elf horses are evil gods. "One Horse to rule them all, One Horse to find them, One Horse to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,"
  12. Merge servers Giran

    +1 Merge all elf summoners into the same new server, it would improve the quality, balance, comfort in one action for the rest of the players.
  13. I am almost in the same situation as you, just played warframe for an year instead of wow. Started here at the end of may because I do not like when my chars get wiped or servers get closed. In my mind the “Classic” meant a lineage2 experience like in C4-C5-C6, however this classic is a different game. - The normal grind progress is really slow after lv40, so they added daily quests which rewards 1-2-10-20million xp scrolls but not SP. - Events are OP AF, if you have cash to throw about, you can be king of the hill, Since the game is f2p and p2w together, there are a lot of lootbox type of items and lotterys. - They added macro loop and next target loop system, so looks like 80% of the population is farming AFK, some of them (many) probably bots, easy to tell even from their movement when you look. - Adena and drop rate is low, but if you have time and you can play the market you can tolerate that. If you wish to chill and farm or find a clan or CP you will be fine. If you want to be competative with the top 5% and be a hero from your own strength without cash --> “Run you fools!” GL!
  14. How can one adapt to this, do you guys have any experience or advice? I tried to 3 things so far: - Fight back as fast as I can and try to kill the char - however the horsepower nuke dmg is more than my char able to dish out in the same amount of time, I was only successful this way once. - Once I see red char with a horse type "Hello, I am not a bot, please spare me" with 250 APM - only works 50% of the time, since some of them not bot hunter. - Gk out asap - I use multiple boxes so usually half success only. For me, it really sounds a great idea to add the amount of Karma to the cost of the teleport when someone try to use it. For example if I have 20k karma and wanna go to a spot which would cost 3.6k adena, than the deducted adena amount should be 23.6k. That is tolerable for normal pk useage, and at least the mindless "I go through the whole map and my horse kill everyone" type of attitude would cost a bit more.
  15. Constant verification

    Hello All! When I started to play here, I used my main e-mail address to create an account, however since my IP seems dynamic I need to do constant verifications when I log in each day. This is a problem for me, since my main e-mail address is spammed each day with all these useless verification codes, and also a bit time consuming to log-check-copy-paste for several alts. I have 2 idea to solve this, but I am not sure how to do any of them, so some help would be appreciated: - Disable the IP verification process, I tried to find how to do this but no luck so far. - I create a new e-mail for my main account, and then switch from my normal mail address to this new one. But I do not see the option to switch e-mail either on the account panel. Any idea?
  16. Stat effects

    We wants it, we needs it! We must have the precious! Sneaky little hobbitses, wicked, tricksy, false!
  17. Stat effects

    Dear Community! In the last 40min I tried to search for the exact stat effects on the web, however I could not found any good source of information so far for classic. Can any of you post/send a link or information about the stat effects with numbers? I would like to calculate and decide setbonus and dye setups before I invest in anything, and it would be nice to know how much the STR. DEX. CON, INT, WIT, MEN modification affect the P.attack,M.attack,Attack speed, etc in percent. I found this old thread, something like this would be really nice if it applies to this version of classic. https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/stat Thank you in advance!
  18. Yes, I think these will be removed on the Jul-10th maintenance. They are listed here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13592-preliminary-details-15th-anniversary-–-the-ultimate-celebration/
  19. Curse Death Link

    We used it in larger party with rooter + 3cdl user, its worth it that way even if its fails sometimes.
  20. Tyrr runes or Othell runes

    If you can raise your critical rate up to near 400-500 by buffs/passives/actives without Othell-crit-rate, then crit dmg would be better theoratically, but I am not sure how to calculate the amount properly.
  21. Tyrr runes or Othell runes

    For normal auto-attack pve Othell crit rate is op. Attack speed only better if you do not use attack, just skills, which is very rare for a destro.

  23. Bots overrun

    I am not sure they are able or willing, the situation seems out of hand for a very long time according to older players. Someone told me when the "bot server is down" the bots are not moving. Isnt it possible to DDOS them regularly or something?
  24. No Drops with a low level in party

    It isnt useless, just not too OP but you still have some options in these weeks which were unavailable earlier. You can level low level chars on Attribute farm places, there are no drop there anyway. You can create raidboss parties with top DDs + 1-2low level char too powerxp, the looting right isnt in that pt anyway usually. You can powerlevel your low char with XP boosts at hih level AOE spots fast to reach in the lv9 range and to gain drops.
  25. Giran server is dead

    Merge is a really bad idea now, all places are full with autofarmers and bots, once a mob spawns 5 auto-horse start to run for each of them... We should not merge to get all the ponies in one place, actually it would be better to split the servers. Create a separate server instance for summoners and another for non-summoners, that would singlehandedly exclude 70% of the bots... Giran-Horse // Giran-non-Horse Gludio-Horse // Gludio-non-Horse etc