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  1. That is not easy to answer, the plan was something like this:


    But something like this happened after a few month. :)



    Some players learned how to code and some use scripts + bots, there is also legal auto-farm option, there is no box limit while adena and xp drop is low. Glolbal gatekeeper implemented, players with karma can use it too. There were a lot of "lottery" type event when you can buy a chance to get good items/gear with real money, some call it pay to win, but most just pay, usually 99% do not win. :)

    Top gear is S grade, XP and Adena is somewhat slow. Olympiad changed to some strange system with buffs and pots. No subclasses, no noblesse, strange attribute system.

    I encourage you to try it, but if you expect c4 / interlude experience ... well, good luck! :)


  2. If you willing to spend some cash, I heard the starter pack and advanced starter pack is a good choice when your 15 day weapon is worn off.

    You should also raise a WC or PP at least to support your gladiator.

    Try to only use soulshots if they are really needed to save some cash, and also save sayha buff scrolls for places where it is the most effective.

    You can check ingame prices at web, once you will get some adena, check regulary and try to find a decent dual for yourself, till that use 15/30day duals from packs.


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  3. On 2020. 02. 08. at 6:24 AM, fantastic said:

    cardinal should deserve 100% res

    Every Cardinal in general or just one?

    If just one which one? Top level or Hero or Purest heart of the user by physhology test or just yours?


    I think the limitation isn't there because the Cardinals are evil and deserve punishment. It is there because death should have "some" penalty in general I guess.

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  4. Most people not just create a character and play. They create a "Unit". A Unit is a party with matching classes which can be 'installed' to a farm spot with autofarm/macroloops to get xp in AFK mode.

    If you wish to play the "old way" with no autofarm/macroloop/multibox/bot, you need to find a clan with people of similar thinking, or just use "shout-chat" and try to find a few friends, however beware, it will not be easy among the sea of bots to find someone who actually reply to a chat... :)

    If you have no luck and you are desperate to find a party, you can also try to find illegal servers, there are some where there is no autofarm and even multibox is prohabited while rates are low. (for example google l2reborn)

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  5. Best to start all together, and level them together, easier for daily-quests and seting up afk-parties too.

    I only have 1party (7char) and the dps is melee. I guess it is easier to setup, specially if you bring along a tank, however I always felt the ranged parties are more powerful next to me. :)

  6. I actually suggested something similar a while ago. Elemental summoners should be merged to a new server with all of their horses. :)

    However botters wouldl come back with the 2nd best option to farm. Also, currently not the bot users are the real problem, the current gamedesign, ui, recent decisions are forwn upon by 99% of the players.



  7. Hello.

    I think 2 char in a party will not be sufficient for higher levels. You will need good buffs, heals, and even recharge sometimes. 

    EM is very good, and PP is a good buffer too. If you can want to level like a mage with nuke you need Empower + Clarity + recharge + dance, so raise a Shielen Elder,Elven elder, and a Blade dancer. With those 5 you will be able to nuke around constantly. 

    For WC main you should not be a solo player, but find some clan or cp if that is possible. WC is good mostly for support (buffs), it cannot dish out too much damage to farm fast.

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  8. Gz Aares, you got the 40.000th post, and it is also positive post which is somewhat rare nowdays. You should get some reward like xp boost or buff scrolls from the company. :)

    Btw I do not think this the end either, just checked account prices on a site, and they are still high.

  9. I am in the same situation as you, just on lv79.

    I think adena is overrated, when you think about what would change if you get +100kk or even 300kk you will find that not too much significantly, just some extra gear, but you will not gain the ability to farm in ketra/varka/gc/loa.


    Do not use shots, stay in elemental zones, go for lv85.

  10. Nice idea, but I would not expect too much income from it.

    Probably only low level „active” people would use that, especially if the buffer is at a highly populated area. At higher levels many have their own buffers in a neverending macro-loop party, and some who do not have the mental power to setup macros even pay cash for 3rd party softwares.


    According to the recent changes the game design goes toward a different direction, there is a higher chance that the buffs go to Ncoin shop. The possibility of implementing something which do not earn cash for the company is not too high.

  11. On 2020. 01. 25. at 12:05 AM, Tool_of_Society said:

    Oh don't worry I'm sure they'll unify spirit shots and soul shots into just "shots" that require 100 adena per swing. Maybe they'll just straight up charge us adena per swing and do away with shots in general as a game balance decision.


    Oh I see, you are a man of culture as well.

    That! That is a prophecy, a vision, a feature! 

    Just think about the simple and elegant design. A new button in the UI to setup how much adena you would like to burn for each swing/spell. 10 adena +1dmg, 100.000 adena +10,000 dmg. It would be much easier to fight in pvp or kill antharas, and there would be no inflation, ever. :)

  12. Elf summoner is the top class, and also works well without gear, bot users like it very much since they can hit+nuke+heal+recharge.

    It can learn nuke after 40, and farm like a wizard while the horses are stronger than warriors of the same level. op af.

  13. 12 minutes ago, xtinger said:

    In red libra where you can exchange something for 2nd class spellbook





    As far as I understand you can exchange spellbooks to green spinels, not spinels for spellbooks. It is a way to discard low value/useless spellbooks and buy buff/xp stuffs.


    2 hours ago, Ingwaz said:

    Also after 80 u lose less than 4% when u die and since vip gives u death penalty reduction its not a good way to calculate it.


    I am only lv79 and never had vip. Can you tell me how much % would I loose if I reach 80 and die? I heared it is less than 4% but not sure about the exact amount.

  15. The patch is just the tip of the iceberg, a significant number of the players who comes to play classic comes to find the "old magic". The feeling when you only runs 1 client in full screen with sound on! Chat with clan, level and gear up together, fight for raids and sieges.



    Instead of that, we just do something like:

    "Lets start the full party afk macro farm somewhere, cannot die because of penalty, cannot use shots because of cost, well whatever maybe it will be better later."


    The framework (server settings) not support the oldschool feeling, however most of  the players do not have the time to be a "hero" anymore either. We just do some multi-window farm simulator.


    About the adena question, choose one:

    - Very little adena drop and income, longer and more controlled inflation.

    - Normal adena drop and income, faster and more insane inflation.

  16. Not sure if this is still valid or not, but you can try to verfy it manually if kill some mobs to gather the total required xp 0.01% (in this case 2,233,393) and check if the xp bar gone up by that much or not.

    According to this data you need 22,333,931,158 xp from lv80 to lv81.


    If this information is obsolete, you can try to calculate the xp from death penalty. When you die and loose 4% xp, probably you will use a 90% res, which will state how much xp you gain when you accept it. That amount equals to 3.6% xp, if you multiple that amount with 27.777 you will get the total required xp from 80 to 81. :)


  17. If you play active, using your skills and selfbuffs properly I would be a Destro.

    If you want to autofarm more than maybe Tyrant is better because of ogre totem.


    One Horse to rule them all, One Horse to find them,

    One Horse to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

    I would use an elemental summoner in the longterm with the current classic server setup.

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