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  1. While the event does not return, increase the exp, lack a location with proportional cruma experience for lvl 65+
  2. Today you have few places that give a good xp, and are full of bots, making it impossible for you to compete with them, against match to upar in boss you depend on the Russian clan and their schedules, this event was an opportunity to help players with lvl 60+. But they simply gave up and put a ridiculous 50% bonus that does not even come close to what was offered before
  3. in event 400kk xp, for day, with 150% rate, you need kill 5000 doom knight, and fight for spot, because server is full bot
  4. today we depend on a single clan on the server revolve to make the raid boss, if you play at different time is bleeped, for killing mobs, xp is low or full of bots, it's a lot of XP difference from a boss to a conventional farm
  5. xp is only for raiboss run, but dont have rb on morning,
  6. i need info drop of this recipe
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