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  1. Common, you cant be serious, this is old L2?? WTF??? How long have you been playing L2, for 2 years? This is all possible, but not what it should be. Its f....g p2w and bot hybrid. The devs should already wake up and do something for the community, they messed up this game as much as possible.
  2. I am not sure, that this will help, it is not the right way. They should stop autohunt and limit the amount of boxes to 1 max 2. We need to ban the bots regularly. Decreasing the drops on low lvl hunting zones makes harder start for normal ppls. Cruma isnt farming zone, just exping and by the price of shots in shops really expansive exping zone. Otherwise i completely agree with WoDy. I hope we will get the answer soon. We need to go back a least one year maybe more.
  3. In Cruma yes, but only there, but do not knot why they reduced drop from the mobs there. Only few mobs drops adena and mats. And if u r higher lvl u could farm POB in Death valley on Blood Queens, but they r now 82+ omg.
  4. Omg thanks a lot for changing lvl in Dragon valley, where do i have to farm POB?? At first u took drop from Cruma mobs, now u changed lvl in DV. Rly helpfull.
  5. And what does it bring? Where is the fun from playing?? I am rly disapointed of this mess. they ruined spoiling and crafting at all, there is nobody selling new stuff. We need rollback before this wanna be upgrade. that was step into sh.t.
  6. and tell me now, what for is that good? if you dont have time, just dont play....
  7. common man, why do u think this was the classic hardcore gaming server?? surely not for making fast progres. Now they changed everything why we started playing on this server.
  8. And spoil rate is also tragic :(. Dwarfi was the funniest char on l2 and it is not anymore. Before last update was the drop and spoil rate almost like in L2wiki now i was spoiling in death pass for 4 hours, skill was active by every mob and ive got up to 20 items. WTF?? Guys do something with this sh..., seems like you want to ruine this game Fettered soul - Animal bone fragment - drop rate about 15% - Mithril Ore - spoil rate more than 40% from 40-50 mobs ive got about 10 ABF and 2 MO - "there is something in the watter" omg
  9. Yep, they changed drop rate by mobs in cruma, most of them are no droping anymore. But they didnt wrote they changed spoil rate also. I am not talking only about Cruma, but generaly, dwarfy is going to be useless
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