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  1. Lvl 100 and stuck.

    The title says it all really, I've just reached 100 on my Feoh Storm screamer I've done all the quests from Penny my gear isn't the best but not the worst either. now every time I try a new hunting zone I run in and boom a mob puts me on my back in one hit, I've tried Hellbound the areas around Oren Giants cave even Rune temple, I tried them first at lvl 99 and thought I must get a big power increase at 100 so I left it till I levelled and tried again but nope same thing, Is there anywhere I can go with my ISS 99 boxed and solo? I'm not in a clan and enjoy playing but there are not many guides on the internet that are much use. P.S. if their are any patient clans out there willing to teach a lvl 100 noob give Zootz a msg, thx for reading.
  2. How do you like the new PK system?

    The whole system sucks but so do you for pking everyone in Silent valley lol
  3. 15th Anniversary Reward Items deletion

    Aw man this sucks, A little bit of in game warning would of been nice.
  4. Just installed updates logged in on my ISS went straight to Herphah to finally get on with the quest because there's no way it would still be broken right? WRONG smh just smh. I'm not buying a thing from the game store until they get their sorry acts together.
  5. Cant learn skills

    Forget it a relog sorted it
  6. Cant learn skills

    I just hit 91 on my ISS but when I click on the skills to be learned it wont open up the learn skill window, Is it just me or a bug.
  7. Buffs

    Thanks for the replies, I suppose that dual boxing is going to be the only way forward, Cant help but think that someone could provide player buffs in game and undercut the NPC They would make a fortune..
  8. Buffs

    I'm fast aproaching lvl 97 on a Feoh stormscreamer and was wondering what you guys do for buffs after lvl 99? Can you buy buffs from the adventure guide after 99? I'm not in a clan and dual boxing sounds like a nightmare.
  9. Stuck

    Lol I had no idea, like I say it`s been a while, thanks man
  10. Stuck

    I recently returned to the game after many years absence and managed to lvl up a stormscreamer to 93 in no time, now that my free gear is about to expire I started looking around for replacement armour and weapon, the auction house is ridiculously priced and player stores just aren't selling anything I can afford, I`ve been careful with my adena yet I`m so far short it's laughable, are there any quests for 95 gear and weap or would it be a case of trying to struggle through with crappy Dynasty stuff? It seems these days only those with money to burn can get anywhere in the game.