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  1. Change PvP to PvE?

    Ty guys! Very usefull info!
  2. Change PvP to PvE?

    Hello all, I have dark bow and want to change it to bloody. I cant find any info about cost of this exchange and do my weapon will keep resent agument. Please help with this.
  3. Good news from NC Soft - Loop macro fixed, well done!
  4. Not working loop macro is the fastest way for me to finish play L2, so may be it is good
  5. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    I remember the old times, C3, when I started to play... all depended from your own skills, your party and your on line. The game was NOT "Truly free" we all payed every mount 15 $, but it was nice and many, many ppl played and every day there were full of new players at Talking Island and other started villages... now game is "Truly free" but no new players, nothing depends on your skills or on line and all what is important is how much you are ready to spend for in game items. Well I prefer to spend my money somewhere else and here to play for fun with some friends if they are still here. Gl all!