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  1. If i am in party with the maneer mode on, when somebody of my party hit the mobs before me i will forget that mobs and go alone for a new mob. Would be great if maner mode allow to assit between party members.
  2. and nectar and seed? These part of event still on?
  3. Mate yours GM's fingers can not compete against the freely running Rusian's bot programs. You could not delete the cake and fioti in time before botter get his reward, they only need a 0.0008 Sec to make it. Please forget about overenchanted prices, Keep the exp bonus up, and put a cake in each started village to avoid latency problems. Thx
  4. Macro System

    Hello, thx for info about tokens. But didnt work, tank get target, he put the tokken to that target, then continue the macro. The problen is that at next macro cicle, if that mob is still alive, tank will use tokken again on that low hp mob alrready marked with token. Then the dps asisters lose the target and need to wait for next tank macro cicle to can target something with tokken. Sorry about my english lvl ^^
  5. Macro System

    that is the idea bro
  6. Macro System

    Hello all, i am happy with current possibilities for macro. I manage to farm 24/7 unatended until a pk character comes XD. But after being ussing it last days, i found a few difficulties: - Assit commant are slow, actual command : /target tank /assist /attack Would be great a faster command to do that , something like: /assitattack party1. - 12 lines as maximum are insufficient for some characters, Elven elders cant buff more than 2 characters, prophets same, Would be great if macro could be 24 lines as maximun, to have enought slots for all skill, /target, and acttions do you need. - Consumables: would be great if you can set auto hP pots at 50% hp with delay to not abuse in pvp, for example. Would be great if you can auto-use acument and haste pots with 20mims delay, like fish stew does. Or creater acumen and haste fish stews please. - Would be great if buff/dances/sond/pets buffs, can be put in auto use skill, like eva's kiss, iltimate def, etc For now i need to chosse if i want my bd assisting tank, or dancing and watch Thx.