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  1. What a Sh*T show all servers are offline LOL! NC/DC soft need to find people that know how to run a show.. this is just sad! Send these GM's back to school!!
  2. GM buffs to make up for all the Cake/pots we used?!? pay to get DC/ed...
  3. https://forums.lineage2.com/profile/17-juji/ What A JOKE! Must be more of these GM's LIES about a new server!? Or is it just the people running them?! queue of 600+ at times cannot make new toons.. Why don't ND/DCsoft buy some people that can run it right? Not these Hillbillies that cannot tie their own shoes, but they let them run this game into the GROUND!!! Great WAY to kill a GAME hire DUMB people! Thinking they can run it right... LOOK at this Sh*T!!
  4. The laziness shows the smarts showing, you GM's are RUNNING a GREAT SHOW here LOL! NOT! GF!! Just maybe 1 day you GM's will learn to ADD... But I'll not hold my breath! IDK when you'll couldn't do the adding and subtracting but I know it's been many YEARS now! Guess it was when you added the belts the skills to add to the inventory messed you GM's up! Go back to school and learn geometry! The the Game will run like WOW! LOL or not! GF
  5. I see a big problem atm, you have a big queue up and after this long wait, you DC before you can log in wow! HAHA What a JOKE!
  6. Giving out GM buffs when it comes back up? to show you'll care about the people that are giving you cash to DC. Get logged out daily.. Show some respect for your consumers and give out Compensation to show you feel us!! GF
  7. I hope NCSoft is not trying to say this Dcing/kicking has been fixed like normal. Just had another Mass DC around 12am EST.
  8. NCSoft, back at it again Random DC/s and Drop a CAKE and DC/kicked from the game.... Paying for everything you can and drop a cake and poof KICKED from the server With full supplies being used and all... Come on NCsoft... Looking like you all are selling GREAT Stuff!!.... These servers must be the kind you can put in a bag and carry around with you lol! What is NEXT... Still nothing on the COMPENSATION for all this!!! 7 day runes/GM BUFFS/ give it out... anytime soon with a EXP event going , but not looking like this will happen... Like normal, why do I keep spending all this cash on a game th
  9. WTH is this CRAP! No lag but why no Monsters kill them and wait for SLOW ass respawn.. Bring back the LAG, this is crap!! Game is out of the US so all these people that play outside and has crazy lag sucks for them NCsoft the things you try to do to make the game better always makes it worse! Fix 1 thing or try to finx 1 and break 5-10 more... Great FIX! Still wait for these compensation for all this MESS!! DCing, Kicked, all these people giving you cash to come up with dumb stuff GF! So many places you can fix this lag take out so many places that nobody goes to Like "Cruma Tower", "Elven For
  10. LOL, if we keep having this Exp event going for us, that is GREAT, that and FREE stuff 100% Great, these guys/girls not asking for stuff is the people in Giran/Aden in buy/sell shops LOL Exp event Pots/7-day Runes/GM Buffs/ Compensation don't help them.... Us people Buying NCoins and using Cakes and DCing from using them... 100% need compensation!! Tools! Need MORE !! People GM's need people that know what they are doing
  11. So you GM's keep saying you're thinking about what Items/Buffs/Pots(Supplies you're going to be giving out... Any word on these yet?!? Or we still have to see how much more worse it gets before anything is giving out?!? this NEW SERVER!?! Or So called new server...
  12. You might not need them, my guys DO. so get better InterNet and Go with the GM Buffs GM BUFFS.. BTW I have zero Lag!
  13. I know these GM's are WAY too lazy to give out GM buffs... Hell look at this great SERVER! They will do nothing we all know this. Sit back and do nothing is the NORMAL! GM BUFFS! GM BUFFS!!!
  14. GM BUFFS now????!?!?!?! To make up for all the people that are leveling using CAKES, that they paid NCoins for... GM buff will make up for this Problems for now...
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