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  1. Attention! Bug quest can be circumvented if you take a sub class of the tank. Pass the quest for a sub - medium tank - shake it to LVL 85, take the buff from the Manager - switch at the Foundation and everyone is happy) Then just change the sub to the one that you need( dual class to be exact).
  2. Probably due to the fact that buff for give adena only Symphony of the knight...that is tank. If the admins will fix the error from the topic "The Adventurer Guide is only giving Buffs, Knight's Harmony when playing with Adena for buffs" then I think everything will start to work.
  3. On the second day of the quest of the Apocalypse, players have begun to emerge from their shelters with tears in their eyes and quiet whispering among themselves: - They still have not forgotten about us...
  4. Cant Buff in adventurers guide. Write “the quest buff can only be obtained for characters that are level 85-99”. This problem have 2 topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13335-quest-way-of-wandering-knight/ https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13328-quest-way-of-wandering-knight-bugged/
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