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    Hello I soon met the world of linegae 2, which made me come to this game mainly, was the auto farm system I have tested almost all classes to see which one suited me and the one that attracted me most were the magicians Then the doubts started to arise. I noticed that materials (recipes, crafter materials, among others) dropped on the floor and not straight into the backpack like the adena, and also the pots of mana and life I wanted to know if there are any settings that I can make so that these materials fall into the backpack, because the magician kills the distance and does not go until the drop pick up with the system of the auto farm, and mage without mana is nothing other doubts are about the classes of magicians I had the patience to test all 4 that attracted me most, and I compared the attributes in lvl 85 and they are awakened: Feoh Soultaker M.Atak - 21329 Casting Spd - 1582 P.Def-4545 M. Def-3387 Feoh Archmage M.Atak - 24925 Casting Spd - 1530 P.Def - 3599 M. Def-3213 Feoh Mystic Muse M.Atak - 19067 Casting Spd - 1663 P.Def-2803 M. Def-3202 Feoh Storm Screamer M.Atak - 23513 Casting Spd - 1514 P.Def-2809 M. Def - 3169 seen these attributes I came to the slight conclusion that soultaker would be better, since it is more balanced and still has summon I wanted to know from your opinion, what would be the best and advantages and disadvantages of each one, sorry for the long text thankful