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  1. Hi, im back to the game and I'm finding the instances extremely difficult. Can any instance/boss be made easily without being a top player?
  2. please increase the limit to 4! It is very difficult to find pt to do things, with a limit of 4 at least, it is possible to do instances in 2 people! ty
  3. they already sell "adena" in L2Store... every single event, there is people getting adena. these adena sellers exist because they sell cheaper than people can ge from l2store. if L2store start selling real adena, not itens, these sellers just need to keep selling cheaper than there, will change nothing
  4. omg huuuge lag again!! 300- atk speed all the time
  5. It's time for gms to start thinking long term about this game and not just about immediacy. They are successively implementing untested or poorly tested things, ending the gameplay for weeks and weeks. If lag wasn't enough, we now simply have 1h queues to log in. Real player (not macros and bot) has been asking for weeks to set a limit of 3-4 accounts and you just ignore it as usual. Congratulations, you guys really want to end this game.
  6. at least stay with 4 account plz
  7. yous

    Luck Dye

    Hello people, someone can tell me how can i obtain luck dye? Ty
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