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  1. ABOUT DIM 100

    These inconveniences of having removed the dimensions hurt us a lot. For low-income players (Lease NCOIN) or scarce, it was the daily way to make a coin. removing the dim without a proper replacement where it takes us, of course less player = less lag. Or you pay with NCOIN for what you need or bleep, well thank you.
  2. Problems clan quest points

    Problems clan quest points. Problems arise when trying to obtain clan points for quest. All options appear empty.
  3. Event

    Dear, Enjoy the game, this is pay to win. Greetings.
  4. Insane prices

    Dear, if you intend to make this game available to rich people who can spend thousands of dollars each month or do you believe that the players should be satisfied by being 1-shot and should just be killing elpy's ignoring all of the end game Of course it is so, for 2 years that this has been changing. Enjoy the game, this is the NC trend Greetings.
  5. Some changes that should be done

    Dear, the objective of the game is not that there is a drop, but you can get what you need by spending your U $ S, that is the case, you are in a pay to win game, enjoy it without making so many problems. NC lives from those who pay the rest are the fill for them to have fun Greetings.
  6. How is live servers doing?

    Dear friend, as long as you can pay a few dollars, it will always be good for you, this is a pay to win game, otherwise enjoy without making problems for the things that you will not be able to change. Greetings.