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  1. I have already written many times on the subject. I'm tired of NC Soft ignoring all our requests. I don't think the server administrators are idiots, they just want to shut down this project. They do it in a bad style and players will remember it when their new game comes out.
  2. Why? Because you don't listen to the players? I'm shocked. You have made a product that you want to sell. Normal business. Companies all over the world spend a lot of money to find out what product customers want. They adjust their product to the needs of customers so that it sells better. I am shocked at how ineptly this project is being managed. The only sensible reason that comes to my mind: you want to collapse this project and shut it down. It doesn't make sense for me to repeat what the players wrote starting with the "fix the server" protests. You don't care. You make some insign
  3. 1500$ ??? You dont know when to say stop, don't you ?
  4. Probably u dont know what u talking about. Maybe u know necro from other servers and from other times. CDL where u want to play with this? Maybe in elemental zones, try it in LOA or TOI
  5. Necro is worst nuker its for sure. Have summons yes, but they are useless pussies. To using best skill u need cursed bones (very expensive thing). If u are crying because u have no adena for shots, due to cursed bones u can suicide ourselfs. Last one, necro have debufs but most of them chance od landing is ridiculus. DONT PLAY AS NECRO. muguelsan have right. On this server more important is P2W gear. With good gear even necro is good.
  6. Remove the limit. RMT players have no problem with that but normal players YES.
  7. Another event with free quivers of arrows, OK. But what about CURSED BONES for NECROMANCERS ?? What about chance of landing necromancer's debufs ?
  8. This thing shows that developers team is apart of the game. They dont know and dont understand situation on server. They dont know economy (is any here except P2W events and adena from RMT?).. They dont know what players expect. Sad.
  9. First of all: players should be able to gain adena for shots and potions from mobs. Now if u want to play this game properly, you must have second party only for farming adena. This is one of the reasons why bot armies run on this server. Come on, can't you see it? OK. I understand that players spend thousands euro in P2W events are important for you. You made for them TOI, LOA, Dragon Valley and few other locations. But what you doing for other players to make the game playable? Only one place where is able comfortable playing is elemental areas. Ups! No adena here. You must hate us
  10. They dont listen us. They have only one vision and idea on this sever. Want you play +80? Want you win pvp? Buy more and more P2W items. Buy adena from RMT. And yes I bought alot P2W items for two and half thousand euro and I still can't play in location +80. Most expensive game ever. Edit: I have 84.
  11. Especially when before Zaken update, some titans was able to kill him in few seconds.
  12. My comments: 1. Make playable locations +80. Can't you see that no one playing in locations like Giants cave, ketra, varka, dragons valley ect.?? For who u doing this game? For few whales with fat wallets or for houndreds with smaller wallets who are also able to pay but with more reasonable amounts? Dont forget that no game exist without players. 2. Showing debufs on mobs. Fix it in the end! 3. Nerf: elemental summoners, phantom summoners, tanks, nuke of healers (OMG they shouldnt be 1:1 pvp characters!), titans. Strenghten: archers, daggers, necromancers. 4. Rebuild economy! Cant be
  13. From 40 I got only lilith rune stg 1 and EAA and ofcourse some pots and scrolls. Waste of money.
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