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  1. Event for one man

    @Juji Are you aware that you made event for one man ? I saw that the same player or the same CP got a prize 5 times. Also it event is only for whale titans because only they are able make required damage. I'm wondering about yours develop team. What is wrong with them? In game we see more and more stupid things. Where are debuf markers and alot of things about with we asking still and still durring last half year. Some of players can handle that it is game only for people with fat wallet but we can't handle stupidity.
  2. This Event is Awful

    It's event for fat whales to make them more fatter and fatter.
  3. Necromancer

    I want to ask about ur viosion of playing as necromancer. Its the weakest of nukers (if it is nuker). Is it a debufer? Yes, he has a lot of debufs but look at their landing - very poor. At the end is like glass cannon. Very low HP, p.def and m.def. According to you what is his the strongest point? Another thing is very expensive cursed bones. Are you serious? It's not possible to exp using CB because of horrible costs. Archers have their quivers. What about necromacers? Last thing I want to say is about oly games. When match begins mele characters staying next to me and can stun me easily etc. In normal game I can react when I see that enemy comes. I have range attacks and it's my main advantage which I cant use on oly arena. Can you do samething with necromancers to make them more playable?
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Another P2W event? Instead make playable zones like below: Giants cave Valley of antharas Devil isle Lair of antharas not only for whales 90% of server population exping on elementals, without drop of adena and items. ARE U BLIND ? OPEN NEW ZONES! Let players earn money for shots. You walk on thin ice. One day will start great escape of people from the server and then it will be too late to do anything to save the server.
  5. Screenshot contest winners - congrats!

    Seriously? Players from Europe couldnt participate?
  6. Screenshot contest winners - congrats!

    I'm professional photographer and choice of NC soft jury is just ridiculus. Are you serious? In you opinion these are best shots from classic servers? In this thread I see many much better shots than you chose. Who did you chose to judge the competition images? Blind retired priest? In my opinion best from above: Kthulhu, DJThunder, SheepForBrains. Especially I like Kthulhu shots. Fantastic lights.
  7. Look at this places! Can you see there players? They comes to this locations after ur "patetic reduce of damage"? NO We no need to talk, its best review of ur job.
  8. @Duke13 another who know nothing. P2W and low adena drops killed this servers and content far away from classic we knew.
  9. @joheyca you know nothing
  10. You are so funny. Servers are on fire but you won't answer player anything? It's very bad politics. Now L2 community is different like it was 15 years ago. Mostly we are mature people. We need respect and attention because we paid you for this. Are you blind. People are leaving servers en masse but you are silent. Never again NC soft. NC soft west or east even NC soft Mars.
  11. Server Fix !

    People are angry because of you (NC west) and all you can do, is start taking us seriously. We are mature people. We are not addicted to this game kids, who will do everyting to play the game. If you recall your rules let me recall you something. We are customer you are company. We are here for fun and we will pay for it if we will be satisfied. If not we leave and you lost your employment and proffits. I'm thinking who more violated fundamental rules. So if u want to us here: FIX ECONOMY FIX HIGH LEVEL ZONES (mobs cant hit me like trucks, its ridiculus) FIX MANY THINGS ABOUT WHICH WROTE PLAYERS
  12. Server Fix !

    Agreed with you guys. Start taking us seriously or you stay alone with your servers. FIX THE SERVER
  13. Server Consolidation Guide for Aden and Gludio

    Give players choice where want to join. About Giran ... it comes to die too so I dont understand why you expel Giran server from this combination.
  14. Olympiad melee vs range

    You are pretty wrong. I have been playing L2 since 2004. On the beginning was big arena and start of fighting from boxes. Leter appearars sh.itty small arenas with stone blocks. One of idiotic idea of NC soft. But NVM from how long range characters can't play as range characters on oly. It's piece of sh.it. Everyone will admit it except OF COURSE people playing mele.
  15. Is many ridiculus things on this server. On of them is: why melee class before start of OLY duel can run and stay close to opponent? It's illogical, sensless and can't happend in game pvp. Also some of arenas are very small so you don't have a chance to escape. In this situation range classes have no chance with equal melee oponnents because they can use theirs key skills much faster than range classes. Archers or wizzards before do anything, got stuned or received other fast sh.it from melee class. I don't say that I can't win against melee. Also it depends on level and GEARS bought for NC coins, but like I said on the beggining in normal PVP I can use my RANGE SKILLS before opponent wil be next to me.