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  1. 10 Clients Limitation

    Remove the limit. RMT players have no problem with that but normal players YES.
  2. Another event with free quivers of arrows, OK. But what about CURSED BONES for NECROMANCERS ?? What about chance of landing necromancer's debufs ?
  3. This thing shows that developers team is apart of the game. They dont know and dont understand situation on server. They dont know economy (is any here except P2W events and adena from RMT?).. They dont know what players expect. Sad.
  4. It will kill this server.
  5. First of all: players should be able to gain adena for shots and potions from mobs. Now if u want to play this game properly, you must have second party only for farming adena. This is one of the reasons why bot armies run on this server. Come on, can't you see it? OK. I understand that players spend thousands euro in P2W events are important for you. You made for them TOI, LOA, Dragon Valley and few other locations. But what you doing for other players to make the game playable? Only one place where is able comfortable playing is elemental areas. Ups! No adena here. You must hate us Also you must hate dwarfs. You destroyed this race! OMG! This is Lineage 2! Also this is Lineage 2 Classic. Without dwarfs? No kidding. Daggers. Archers. Dwarfs. Necromancers. Overlords. Hardly anyone plays these characters. Have you ever wondered why? Summoners. Lots of players for long time saying that Elemental Summoners are extremely overpowered. Why Phantom Summoner have powerful summons but Necromancer some pussies ? Why Necromancer must pay fortune for cursed bones when at the same time is the weakest of the summoners? Events. Are you noticed that its not the same server how it was 1 year ago? Why you giving us the same events without any changes? We need really new content. Who care about new TOI? Who playing there? Few players? We need new areas where mobs dont kill us by one hit! CLOTH PIECES. My favorite theme. We have no places where for real its able for farming. Now we have UNSEALED items from new crafting system. Are you aware how much it destroing ecomonomy? Unsealed S grade armor for 80kk? Ridiculus. We need areas where farming of CLOTH PIECES is possible and senseable. ECONOMY. No exist. Economy was main party of these game. You made some many mistakes. I could keep counting for a long time. Without devotion of players for this game the server would be dead long ago. But we (not all) still here. You must start make changing in right direction and maybe players belive in your project again. If you will drifiting from one P2W event to another, sun you stay here alone ... means developers team plus few players who spent the most money.
  6. They dont listen us. They have only one vision and idea on this sever. Want you play +80? Want you win pvp? Buy more and more P2W items. Buy adena from RMT. And yes I bought alot P2W items for two and half thousand euro and I still can't play in location +80. Most expensive game ever. Edit: I have 84.
  7. Especially when before Zaken update, some titans was able to kill him in few seconds.
  8. My comments: 1. Make playable locations +80. Can't you see that no one playing in locations like Giants cave, ketra, varka, dragons valley ect.?? For who u doing this game? For few whales with fat wallets or for houndreds with smaller wallets who are also able to pay but with more reasonable amounts? Dont forget that no game exist without players. 2. Showing debufs on mobs. Fix it in the end! 3. Nerf: elemental summoners, phantom summoners, tanks, nuke of healers (OMG they shouldnt be 1:1 pvp characters!), titans. Strenghten: archers, daggers, necromancers. 4. Rebuild economy! Cant be that one and only part of economy is buing NC coins for real money! Make game available for players who are not able to P2W. We need new players. Instead this server will die as EU classic did. 5. Open 2nd castle for siege. 6. Open new locations and ofcourse make them PLAYABLE for 90% of players not only for 1%. We are patient people but we are not stupid. Dont play with us please.
  9. Suspicious safe box

    From 40 I got only lilith rune stg 1 and EAA and ofcourse some pots and scrolls. Waste of money.
  10. Yes, I forgot about useless summons. You can't tank, you can't exping. Anyone can tell me for what necro have summons?
  11. About necromancers, first of all, look how much players abandon this char and stop playing or escaping into other chars. It's because of: - necromancer is very weak in pvp, rate of landing debufing skills is some kind of joke - is weaken than all other nukers - cursed bones are extremaly expensive to exping. In compare to overpowered elemental summoners and phantom sumoners you must be an idiot or love this char to play it.
  12. Classic Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    It's shocking how much a developing team has no idea what's going on on the server. No enchant armor A grade on the server any many other items because of ruined economy and drop. Still uplayable LOA (ohhh sorry playble for few whales). Also GC need more changes ... AND WHERE IS NEW CONTENT ??
  13. Event for one man

    @Juji Are you aware that you made event for one man ? I saw that the same player or the same CP got a prize 5 times. Also it event is only for whale titans because only they are able make required damage. I'm wondering about yours develop team. What is wrong with them? In game we see more and more stupid things. Where are debuf markers and alot of things about with we asking still and still durring last half year. Some of players can handle that it is game only for people with fat wallet but we can't handle stupidity.
  14. This Event is Awful

    It's event for fat whales to make them more fatter and fatter.
  15. Necromancer

    I want to ask about ur viosion of playing as necromancer. Its the weakest of nukers (if it is nuker). Is it a debufer? Yes, he has a lot of debufs but look at their landing - very poor. At the end is like glass cannon. Very low HP, p.def and m.def. According to you what is his the strongest point? Another thing is very expensive cursed bones. Are you serious? It's not possible to exp using CB because of horrible costs. Archers have their quivers. What about necromacers? Last thing I want to say is about oly games. When match begins mele characters staying next to me and can stun me easily etc. In normal game I can react when I see that enemy comes. I have range attacks and it's my main advantage which I cant use on oly arena. Can you do samething with necromancers to make them more playable?