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  1. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    hi, what is the max NCoin purchase in 1 go ? I'm sure there's a post for this but rules and policy change flip flop so often that I'd like to hear from someone that buys NCoin regularly & knows this. I have asked in a support ticket way back about prepaid visa's & what they told me vs what transpired when I went down that road was a horrible customer experience for me that cost me a large chunk of money lost with the card fees & stress for over 3 weeks of back & forth between billing support. After that .... I do not trust NCSoft employees or 3rd party wankers that just say whatever they feel like. So, I ask the people that do pay to play, thanks.
  2. new buff sets 10 Ncoins

    Cool thx for info
  3. Lacks of Tanks

    Quan, I am so bored with waiting to find parties just to do Kartia every day I am willing to make a Tank... and learn it to get in on doing some other dailies like Parnassus or whatever. I'm in a dead clan with a few that don't chat & haven't experienced anything beyond k95 /Cemetery/seal of Shilen.
  4. How to do Exalted, One Who Faces The Limit 8000 quest ? I never see a party for this in matching and went there solo ... well lets say it did not go very well. Not possible for me to kill the 1st of 8000. The clan I'm in is 61/62 @ level 8 but nobody ever chats and the 5 others that are ever on are probably the same person. So I can't get any help from there.
  5. Next Red Libra

    Would be nice to try this event since grinding every day to get .0123% per kill is boring as hell, but.... I'd like to see the bugs fixed first. There is too many after last major update.
  6. new buff sets 10 Ncoins

    Pleistoros, what are these "1 bil exp scrolls from nevit-poisson gift" to get 101+ or 103+ ?
  7. Tarti Quest keeps looping

    Seems to be a bug, I switched to another subclass & was able to do the dual class quest. Now I have a dual class I don't want lol. -10 for the management. Hire some Devs,... or Dev. Too many problems & 1 person to fix them all maybe ?????
  8. Next Red Libra

    Just wondering when the approximate date of Next Red Libra will be happening. thanks
  9. Tarti Quest keeps looping

    OK thanks I'll look into trying one more time before giving up on sub/dual class.
  10. Can't do quest. Think it's bug

    Thanks for the update Wildpony.
  11. Tarti Quest keeps looping

    As the title says, " Tarti quest keeps looping". I'm level 80 & and doing the Seismic Shift Among The Turek Orcs sub quest "Pursue the Ketra Orcs" but when I get to 50 killed & return to Tarti back in Gludio, I turn in the quest & it's given over again, and again, and again.
  12. Can't do quest. Think it's bug

    I am having this very issue right now & tried logging out & back in also. Frustrating as weekend is when most live people are on but no support.
  13. Fame by Cycle broken

    It seems Fame By Cycle is broken. I noticed this yesterday on my main & today it still doesn't work on main or dual class on another character. Perhaps it's been partially deactivated on the back end but I didn't see it in the patch notes. It still looks activated within clan quest, just the numbers are no longer going up after doing dailies now.