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  1. Mail in game with price "xarlotte
  2. 100b or trade Artifact p skill 11% + 40b pm or mail "Cressida or xarlotte
  3. WTS Set R110 Dark light set +8 element +7/8/9 (full +7) or Trade for Artifact p skill 11% + adena pm in game "Cressida
  4. Roa's Support Buff dont trigger on othell.. i test with shaper and dual dagger hit for more thn 20 min one target and not work...
  5. Buying - Dark/Blessed/normal r99 Light Set +10 - Normal/enchanted r110 Light Set +8 Let your price at mail in Game "Cressida Selling Blessed R99 Light Set +8 FE
  6. not blessed, FE....
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