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  1. I think you didn't ask the question clearly enough. It wasn't about red mobs. So if you have an avatar, without any PK points (white), can you drop your gear if killed by mobs?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to this server. As far as I know, on Classic you can drop gear if killed by mobs (even if white). Is this also valid here? or do you only drop gear if you're red?
  3. Is there any auto clicker that works with L2 (apart from Adrenaline, I don't want to pay money for a bot, I'd rather spend money on the actual game). I'm trying to craft shots and what not, and it'd be easier if there were an easier way to do it. I've been expecting NCSOFT to implement a checkbox to auto-craft until you run out of ingredients for ages... (They have auto-hunting now, but auto-crafting is still not here yet)
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