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  1. personally i have 0 care for essence, already tried it and i just prefer this new classic chronicle. it would be nice to see some new content or quality of life changes for classic. at the moment new players are turned away due to the difficulty of getting decent gear/items. sure they can buy the starter pack for 1 ncoin but whats the point of it if before they hit 76 they cant afford even an A grade wep. How is someone supposed to catch up to a guy who had been given a free baium tali? How do i convince my friends to play with me when its just ncoin events as the priority? There sho
  2. hello, why has this not been patched yet, there is idiots running around with lvl 76+ pk bots esp in cruma killing everyone, why can they use the teleporter with karma? so annoying having to waste time adena teleporting back there and yes i use blessing of protection but that doesnt last forever. plz fix this
  3. hello guys, i am currently at lvl 44 and am wondering what people mean in world chat when they say selling slots for instance boss? will we have to pay to fight bosses such as zaken / baium?
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