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  1. Evo stones farming

    Im kinda new in this new elemental system and i want to farm some evo stones. Anyone have experince farming evo stones? Which of these mobs below is the most easy to farm? Which of these mobs below hits hardest? FIRE EVO STONE = MASTER TORTAY WATER EVO STONE = MASTER ISHTIR FIRE EVO STONE MASTER FIREN WIND EVO STONE = MASTER RADIN Thanks
  2. So the game situation right now on Aden classic is that a clan of Neckbearded incels have overrun the all the exp spots with high lvl summoners going PK all normies casual players and set their own bots their with insta heal (adrenaline not macro) For normal players its impossible to exp due REDS pking everyone besides their own bots... chruma, cannot exp more than max 15 min before horde of red magus is 1 shot.. Same of field massacre EG etc Im sure juji will either ban this bost or saying that everything is running like intended...
  3. Dear @Juji Can i please get a confirmation on this? <3
  4. I have steelseries mouse and keyboard letting me add macro with a timer. This let me Make my iss melodies every 30 min and then set to Loop.. So is the question. Will i get banned for using this feature ?
  5. bro i rembember you and your gangster clan from like 2005........ Probably you dont remember me but i was a silver ranger called "rui on kain server. You remember clans like paradigma and DiE ??? death is eternal hahahah... hell bro its almost 15 years ago
  6. So any compansation items in WH after this ?
  7. yes i got banned alot of accounts.. People are saying that you can macro this way i am saying in topic lies ?
  8. Ok am i missing something? I see trains attacking same mobs with macro... What am i missing? When i set ATtack range to short my boxes still attack other mobs arround. Dont tell me /target xxx /assist xxx /attack Thanks for help???
  9. Path of the Assassin

    rofl.... click on the medal icon botton right