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  1. Arlm

    help pls

    it's me againg jajaja i need know.... hwo gift me new quest to hunt mounster now that i'm lvl 24... the old pricest not give more qust to hunt OI thats area lvl 20 at 23 i needa help pls
  2. Thanks Roflcopter well i am lvl 20.... now i know... after lvl 40 all righ
  3. well... hello peopple... heee.... where can i buy soulshot to my sumon shadow.... i am a dark elven wizard and i'm sumoner too... well i need know where can i buy the sous shot that my suommon used
  4. It's me again jejeje i need help.... i wnat know how can i get a pet with my elven scout.... o wolve or anithing.... it's a quest?
  5. people i need know how can i star the quest to first change class, i am lvl 20 with a elven and i want be a elven scout but when i talk with the master Reisa en Glaudio the game tell me that i dont have any quest with this NPC.... help pls
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