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  1. I just wanna start by saying i am now completely 100% certain that GMs are pretty much useless. 1 stroll by Ruins of Agony and they would instantly spot at least 40 bots. No, i'm not talking macro chars, i'm talking, same exact route, same exact pattern 100% bots that respawn as u kill them and come right back. Over and over and over again. I get that you have COMPLETELY given up on fighting bots, but can you at least pretend that you care by walking through the most common areas and clearing them from the damn bots once in a while. This game is stuck in an endless loop. Adena-sel
  2. Hey bud. Welcome to the server. Lineage added a loop function to macros. I believe what you pass for bots are players using loop macro ingame. Try right clicking a macro and it will start looping. This was probably a "solution" to the bot issue lineage was facing.
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