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  1. Hi all, A lot of people moving to core due to several things, i will list some points that i see. This way maybe the staff here know why their profit is reducing... Common points i see ppl going to core: No god jewels / god cloaks/god agathions, that makes a little bit more competitive game Prices: A lot of itens are cheaper there, like dragon weapon, jewels, dragon accessories, artifacts. Everything from the "L2store" is cheaper. Prestige pack / Premium Account: In core you can buy 6 months the premium account same as prestige pack for chronos and u get a disco
  2. We all want some money of course, but ncsoft has a lot of it. This new event is the same as nothing for new players, please make a real free to play event so people can enjoy more the game!! That's up with us guys, if we don't say anything they will come every time with those pay2win event. Make L2 great again!
  3. Nope, i get it from pinpoint, quick shot, sometimes even normal hits
  4. Well as the title says, i'm yul moonlight sentinel. i'm having trouble with single target skills, and normal hits, even its a single target skill it hits mobs close the target. Only me having this problem??
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