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  1. Bable2 is exactly right. All of the small clans put together in one massive zerg still could not touch the 4 controlling clans. And come on, Coffee, you know that.
  2. "Years ago" are the key words. Now I see such real-life threats and insults all the time and no one gets banned. It's a shame. I agree with you on the intent of the rule, but people who systematically try to ruin other people's game should be banned for life anyway. Just because the game allows such meanness doesn't mean it must be tolerated, no matter how vicious and destructive of the game it is.
  3. Helv, of course not. But we've been talking about intent of a person after he has apparently stalked and pked a whole clan of people for months, or the intent of someone who goes around looking for macro victims he can scam, then scams them. That's after the crime. Anyway, you are technically right about macros. It's a little like saying, in the real world, "it was okay that I took the woman's purse because she fell asleep with the purse on the seat beside her." But I recognize this is not the real world, and scamming folks on macros is taking advantage of people foolish enough to go afk
  4. So why are you still trolling here? Take your own advice and move on with your life.
  5. Helv, why not? Intent is a fundamental element in most crimes in the real world. It distinguishes between murder (premeditatively intending to kill), all manner of lesser charges (based on various actions and intents) and accidental death (not intending to kill or harm at all). If it's good enough for capital punishment (or life in prison), it's good enough for banning.
  6. "Scammed" you how? By taking advantage of your inability to write a proper macro to avoid it? Personally, I'd ban you in a heartbeat for the actions you describe above. I'd probably ban you anyway for those actions, whatever the provocation. But I do agree with you that the rules of play should be clarified and consistently applied. I'd happily abide by whatever rule is handled that way, even one that let you vindictively pk at will.
  7. I agree with Truffle, as long as the offer is for a limited time. It's not a perfect solution, but it's the best I've heard.
  8. Really dumb question I hope you will be patient enough to answer -- Since people pay for things on the EU server with euros, how does one who has only dollars pay for things on innova servers?
  9. Or, perhaps, you are really asking a different question -- should players be banned for ANY effort, whatever its nature, to take advantage of the game mechanics to grief another player. I'd answer that question "no, such issues should be decided on a case-by-case basis (by real GMS who know what they are doing)" but at least it's a reasonable topic for discussion.
  10. This is one of the few problems that NCWest did address, by adding various options to the "next target" command. You are asking a question that has already been answered. True, the answer wasn't to ban the people involved, but to change the game so that an intelligently created macro solves the problem. But the problem was addressed.
  11. I'm impressed. This shows that, at least in Korea, the game is not only alive, but open to new ideas, played out on new, unique, servers. Now, if they'd only introduce an old-fashioned pay-to-play US server. . . . Hey, a guy can dream.
  12. Reality check, folks. Truffle has made tons of enemies because he is the absolute worst trash talker ever. He has certainly earned every one of those enemies. On the other hand, he is an astute businessman who has created the most powerful character ever. Those enemies cannot hope to defeat him in the game, but they are still enemies. They will use all other avenues they can to fight him, including mass petitions. After all, as the whole dragon weapon controversy shows, mass petitioning sometimes (probably unfortunately!) works. By the way, if I read it right, Truffle himself came
  13. On a personal note, I'd love to see people banned for verbal harassment and abuse. Trash talking has gotten very crude, very personal, even focusing on real-life insults and threats, which should have no part in a game universe. But I realize that the biggest abusers are also the biggest spenders, so that will never happen.
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