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  1. Antharas: Bauim do you accept Orfen as your wife? Baium: yes! Antharas: Orfen do you accept Baium as your husband? Orfen: Yes! Antharas: I declare them husband and wife, you can kiss the bride!!! Core: Why do I always cry in marriage?
  2. this shows that this topic was of no use! among all the suggestions no one complained about the increase in adena in ios , and they just removed it in this week's update, they'll leave it neutral, and they won't do anything else!
  3. are removing the only positive thing from the last update, why?
  4. the day we really drop good rewards from boxes , let 's have one more hollback
  5. I didn't like having increased the difficulty of mobs in several areas and also in the time zones, the neutral zone is only serving the strongest to do more adena than ever!
  6. Hello, I wonder if they will return the greedy treasure chest to the server? and I would also like to suggest a change in the box's mode, wouldn't it be better if the box appeared after killing a mob? there whoever is on the spot would be more likely to hunt, in the format they are in, only the bot alarms can arrive in 10 seconds and kill in 1 hit, they should study a method so that other players also get ad rewards, because the way which is ... only cheaters are taking this.
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