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  1. Buff bug ?

    It is a long-term problem/bug. I think this bug is here, from they give us Sayha's scroll. I made ticket about it and NCsoft answer me something like, they will investigate it. Still w8ing Just cancel zerk and play without it.
  2. You have full forum about ppl cant login on live servers and you wana from us to make ticket about your servers problem? What about start working to fix it? I send ticket and they just COPY/PASTE text, how the fix problem on my computer. I DONT HAVE PROBLEM WITH MY PC. You have problem with conectivity to your server!
  3. im only one who cant login? my launcher just loading and nothing more .... i tryed delet game and i cant even download it cos launcher just nonstop loading. tested it on another PC with diferent connection and nothing.
  4. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    and you know, today from AQ was best drop till they change this shit? we are killing this 85 lvl till maintenance. cos noone care about them. and statistics says, its crap. we are just asking to invastigate to check whats wrong with them. what you wana from us? farm it for months and after say something is wrong? they change drops and is shit! we are wasting time for nothing. i know now is everyone envious, but true is, It practically doesnt make sense to kill them and its better to wait for some p2w event from ncsoft. and its true.
  5. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    Anakin 82LVL drops: https://i.imgur.com/UgXUulp.png VS AQ 85LVL drops: https://i.imgur.com/5Xspskb.png Yeah what is here wrong....
  6. I'm probably not the only one who was surprised by the Epics change. High difficulty is not so much a problem and it occurs to me, that it is a successful change overall. But for Zombie God's sake, WTF is that drops? How you can put in drop list D-C grade items from epcis? Its make absolutly no sence. ITS 85 lvl RB! How the DUCK normal 80 lvl RB can drop better drops then EPIC one? Are you crazy or noone again tested it, before implementation ingame and just download data and then ctrl+c ctrl+v?
  7. Disconnect

    Had DC like now and ingame have like 6-10 secnd delay and masive lags. Unplayable
  8. Regulard Dice

  9. Regulard Dice

    Can someone pls explain me, for what is this item or how can i use it (its from daily event)? Cos i think is best item ever, i ever see on anniversary of some game. Becasue looks like do nothing. And its still more, then Koreans do on this server.
  10. Server Fix !

    Gaben ,,, just finaly fix Dota pls.
  11. 2nd chat window

    easy to fix https://i.imgur.com/wnFYXIn.png
  12. How to duck you change calculation of points in middle of the week circle? The Korean part of NCsoft dont know absolutly nothing about this game or what? 50 points different is like 10 wins. i know be hero is totaly uselles, but i trying every ducking week like idiot. I know my post change absolutly nothing, but you dont think is little bit retardet? i have less points when i started today.
  13. its not about compenstation.... maybe just say something like:"yeah we f*cked up something, we are sorry. we know the classic server exist. not only live servers."
  14. New NC Launcher

    how to instal stupid game after that .... https://i.imgur.com/P92y0O8.png